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  1. Sevey

    Change oil or not?

    I would rather it be changed. But if he stored it indoors in a warm garage, condensation would be minimal. MS
  2. Sevey

    Current State of the Sport

    Because of covid our trails were terribly burdened this season. On one hand its great people are getting out and being brought into this recreational activity, but on the other - more numbers means more disrespect for landowners. Its seems the longer tracks and the deeper lugs go looking for...
  3. Sevey

    Current State of the Sport

    I saw so many 150"+ tracks this season you would think you were in BC (I ride in Ontario). I am showing my age here - but they have no place on trails. People with those sleds go looking for trouble and inevitably piss land owners off. Dealers always want to remain non partisan but they really...
  4. Sevey

    Adding chain case fluid

    You bet - give me a ring anytime. Lets hope things will be fully back to normal by then. MS
  5. Sevey

    Adding chain case fluid

    The chaincase breather vent is way too small and tough to get at. Pull the actuator and top it up. Only held in by 3 torx bolts. Be sure to be mindful of turning the actuator bolt counter clockwise to help the actuator engage reverse when reinstalling. Its well document in the manual. MS
  6. Sevey

    Can't say enough about maintenance on clutching

    I think how the trailer is vented is everything. I have a friend with a single place triton clam shell, his sled has surface rust everywhere - it only has 2 tiny vents. I added more vents to my TC167 for better airflow and have never had a problem. MS
  7. Sevey

    998 Durability

    Would be interested to know how the turbo held up? MS
  8. Sevey

    How to remove jackshaft?

    If you search here, guys have made a bearing driver to re install the jackshaft. Still need to heat the housing up real good. I made a driver from a piece of pipe and washer and had it welded. Other guys have done some creative things using threaded pipe pieces from Home Depot. MS
  9. Sevey

    Can't say enough about maintenance on clutching

    If the sled is stored in the trailer during the winter its pretty tough to keep the moisture out. I try and get the snow out of the skid before you drive up the ramp - just the big chunks. Use a car snow scraper. If possible, leave the door open or the ramp door cracked for a few days to allow...
  10. Sevey

    Is there green loctite used on the jackshaft bearings?

    I put the shaft in the freezer over night and pressed the bearing on. Worked well. The jack shaft housings, seem to respond to heat quite well. Get them good and hot and the bearings should drive in relatively easy. MS
  11. Sevey

    Shift fork

    Yes - the washer is on the middle gear Be sure to push the gear with the shift fork onto the back gear. They fit tight when reassembling. They will click together. MS
  12. Sevey

    Barn of Parts Driveshaft Saver....Bearing Lock

    I entirely agree. The wedge had just been fabricated so info was sparse. I think initial torque estimates were too light. Chalk it up to a learning curve i guess Tried using green loctite and had issues with the bearing not running ‘true’. For some reason the shaft and tunnel don’t seem to be...
  13. Sevey

    Barn of Parts Driveshaft Saver....Bearing Lock

    You are mis interpreting the post. The wedge is the only attempt to prolong shaft life, fending off this massive design flaw. I had hoped catch it in time to stop it, but it seems like the whole system is too flimsy and flexes way too much allowing that shaft to slip. JUst really frustrated at...
  14. Sevey

    Barn of Parts Driveshaft Saver....Bearing Lock

    The wedge was installed mid Jan 2019. the Sleds first season. Only put 40 ft lbs initially and the last 2 season just cranked it up to 55 ft lbs, It conceivable it was spinning since day one, but I couldn’t stop it. I find its impossible to know how much to crank it unless the shaft is out of...
  15. Sevey

    Barn of Parts Driveshaft Saver....Bearing Lock

    Update - just pulled my bearing off the shaft. 3 seasons and only 8300 km. Have had the wedge since about half way in its first season. Definitely a ledge has been created on the shaft indicating the bearing is spinning. Had the wedge up to 55 ft lbs but it still seems to be spinning. When i...
  16. Sevey

    Stub shaft bearing question

    x 2 That bearing is high speed and high heat. I doubt normal grease would be appropriate. I tried finding another type of bearing for the pto. I believe skf made one but once i told the guy the expected rpm and heat he indicated i better stick with the spec bearing from Yamaha/koyo. MS
  17. Sevey

    Spring Riding In Wyoming

    That terrain is mind blowing. Slightly jealous. MS
  18. Sevey

    Chain case disassembly

    R RockerDan made some excellent videos 3 years ago with his SW. He posted a great summary here on this website with photos. I believe his videos are still up on you tube. MS
  19. Sevey

    Phazer vs New Venom

    I should have clarified- Less hp than its contemporaries: nytro, vector, apex
  20. Sevey

    Chain case disassembly

    Definitely take photos before you pull the gears off, I lay everything out in order it came off on a big sheet of paper. The Yamaha app parts catalogue schematic can help also showing clearly the order of parts. MS