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  1. Froggy

    998 Durability

    Saw a 2017 Thundercat for sale at my dealer for $7500 here in Quebec Canada, thought that was extremely cheap, well turns out just under 47000 km's. Must be pretty reliable in order to rack up mileage like that in 4 winters.
  2. Froggy

    Fox Mega Float shock 2011 apex se

    I have a lightly used mega float from a 2010 Vector ltx gt that I used for 2 seasons, sold sled with stock shock, was asking $350, make an offer if you want, comes with the pump in the original box.
  3. Froggy

    Longest day trip?

    Oh he knew about the trip, young pup thought he was tougher than the old man, not.
  4. Froggy

    Longest day trip?

    Did a 720 km ride 2 years ago with my son, left Kipawa Quebec at 7 am and went to Belleterre for gas and then on to Reserve La Verendrye for lunch/gas which is halfway, when the owner asked where I came from I told here Kipawa and when she asked where I was going I told her Kipawa and she was a...
  5. Froggy

    Advantages of 2020-2021 Viper LTX-gt over a 2012 RS Vector LTX

    I moved up from a 2010 Vector ltx to the 2016 Viper ltx le and the different seating was weird at first but I would never go back, the seating is so much better with no sore hips on long days and the handlebars are higher and more comfortable, no inside ski lift in the corners if you happen to...
  6. Froggy

    High oil pressure

    It ran normal only throwing code at medium to higher speeds and progressively got worse with code on all the time but still ran ok. There's also a pressure switch in there that will probably shut you down if it reads too low I imagine.
  7. Froggy

    High oil pressure

    Well I swapped out the oil pressure sensor from my wife's Viper and the code was on her sled and mine was code free, sensor is on order $321 cdn.
  8. Froggy

    High oil pressure

    I tried searching for oil pressure problems but was unsuccessful so here goes, 2016 Viper ltx shows code PO 0523 for oil pressure sensor circuit high, tried a new filter and checked oil level was in middle of range and looks to be no antifreeze missing from overflow bottle. Any ideas besides...
  9. Froggy

    08 Apex ltx gt rear shock upgrade

    I've got a Fox mega float shock out of a 2010 vector LTX GT if that interests you. I ran it at 125 psi for my 170 pound weight and the shock is rated up to 250 psi.
  10. Froggy

    Little help please

    ralphm, First I loosen my track and then I remove the idler wheel shown in the white circle and I carefully remove the spring guide for the torsion spring. Then I remove the bolts in the orange circle to drop out the skid as the front arm slides in so there is no need to unbolt anything for the...
  11. Froggy

    Rear suspension sagging?

    Runs great in the twisties with snow trackers on the tuners but it is so bad in the deep snow trying to break trail as compared to my Vipers. Haven't been able to try breaking trail with the front shocks loosened off. Will say this my buddies 900 turbo with duallies was a bear to steer when we...
  12. Froggy

    Rear suspension sagging?

    Well I put the rear suspension back to the factory holes and I loosened up the front shock springs until they were loose and then I turned in the lock rings 2 1/2 turns and I noticed an improvement. When I said that there was 2 inches of preload that is how much thread there was above the lock...
  13. Froggy

    Rear suspension sagging?

    Yes as stated the front half off track is off the ground, limiter straps at longest and 2 inches of preload on front shocks as factory set.
  14. Froggy

    Rear suspension sagging?

    I'm looking for advice for setting up my suspension on my new 2020 LTX SE winder. The rear suspension is sagging and will not spring back up like my 2 LTX Vipers. I turned the springs adjusters to the stiffest setting and that did very little to help. I'm bottoming out and when you go top up the...
  15. Froggy

    Balljoint popped out now race stuck in the A-Arm

    If your going to put a new ball joint in you can always have a bead of weld on the inside of the outer race which will shrink the outer diameter of the race and cause it to probably fall out.
  16. Froggy

    Valve check?

    Cranked mine over a few times with the kill switch off and was all quite when it started up, Dealer told me that they make noise when first started. Might be worthwhile to this way to avoid any tensioner problems.
  17. Froggy

    Valve check?

    Yes did mine 2 years ago and went to do a second adjustment on 2 valves and dropped a shim down the oil hole. Almost cried. Removed the cylinder head and found the shim stuck to the head gasket.
  18. Froggy

    Was the ECU Flash done?

    Cabinflyer, They don't remove the hood to flash it, remove right side panel and open panel in front of right knee and plug connection is there beside oil tank.
  19. Froggy

    Can't get driveshaft out

    Had the same thing happen to my 2 Vipers, I had a machinist friend tig weld and machine the shaft .001" over the bearing I.D. for my machine and then froze the shaft outside and warmed up the bearing/caliper to install together. On my wife's machine the snap ring groove was almost worn right off...
  20. Froggy

    Valve check?

    Not sure what year your Viper is but the Viper I did was a 2016 and when the engine starts the oil pump pressurizes the tensioner and if there is any pressure or movement from the camshaft guide this will help to release the tensioner thereby freeing up the clip. I rolled mine over 2-3 times...