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    What is the best hand and thumb warmer?

    Ive had two change my thumb warmer 3 times and twice heated grips through out the years. Does any 1 have something more reliable?
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    Different bearing construction?

    Any 1 experience this? Steel cage and smaller bearings is all ive ever got for years. New bearing that came. Less bearings. Bigger and rubber cage. Should i still use this? 2206k Pic wont upload sais file is too big for server... will keep trying
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    Where to buy secoundary bearing?

    I am in northern ontario. Where or who sells koyo 6206-23-4yd-2rs-koyo 6206 but 28mm x 62mm x 16mm Dealer charges alot. Or is that the only place? The regular 6206 is 30mm id which is no good for me. Can be online store or local.
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    Aftermarket oil change

    Looking to see if any one has bought other then yamaha products for oils and filter? If so please include type of oil and part numbers. Also looking for chaincase oil. How do u match filters? Located in northern ontario canada
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    Heated warmers and thumb. Better option?

    So I remember reading before that lots of people where having problems with the yamaha grips and thumb. Has any 1 come up with a better product? Yamaheater? Is that it? I'd hate to have to buy new grips every couple years.
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    Steering bracket broken. Need a replacement.

    Looks like my 2 bottom plates that hold the steering bar and linkages ball joints so on. Has hair line cracks and missing pieces of metal. She pretty much done. Any 1 know of stock or aftermarket fix? Part numbers? Any info. Would like to buy and install and get back to riding. Yes I could...
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    Shock comparison xtx to mtx rear?

    My 15 xtx se rear shock just blew. Just ordered a 16 mtx coil over shock. How is this one compared to the air over oil and nitrogen shock I had? Are they both 16 inch eye to eye?
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    What's a good rear shock to buy?

    I have a xtx se 141. Looks like my air over hydraulic shock just failed because of metal parts rubbing. I think ideally spring return be best. Did not like getting the suspension completely flat on the trail.
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    Slp mohawk skis set up? Suspension?

    Bought new slp mohawk skis. Having issues with trying to turn when I'm trail riding. I find they really grab. Any one have these skis. How do u have everything set up? When I turn right. The right ski goes in the air. Same as left Turning left. How do I fix this?
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    Looking to find where the air bleed screw is located?

    Just welded my heat exchanger .filled it back up with coolant at the rad cap. Have a shot load of air I'm thinking. It gets 200 f hot. Where is the screw located that my manual talks about? Xtx se 15.
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    Stud my new track or not? 141

    Blew my track the cobra 1.7 had 1.75 double backers and studded. When track ripped ,studs went through heat exchanger. All fixed now. New track camoplast backcountry 141 1.75 lugs. Afraid of studding it again. But I run icy trails and lakes. Also enough off trail. My old studs are flush with...
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    Looking for skid parts?

    Any places to get the front arm in the rear skid? Or the small puncture wheel replacement? Boneyard or aftermarket? My arm has broken 2 times. I've welded it but. It keeps breaking in other areas. The steel is #*$&@.
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    is there an easy way to drain the fuel tank?

    is there an easy way to drain the fuel tank? im not able to drive the sled. need to do welding repairs...
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    Wondering about my turbo numbers I'm reading what do they mean?

    So my intake air temperature what is too high of a temperature?let me know Celsius or Fahrenheit Also air to fuel ratio numbers what is the minimum and maximum? Wondering what it means. whats good whats bad? Any one know of good routine maintenance to do on? looking to learn about my turbo...
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    whats your crazy carpet set ups?

    looking to see what you guys have done to bring a compact crazy carpet and how you made holes to tie to sled track if some one blows one.? any ideas? thanks
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    any 1 have a pic of "blue"curve skis on there viper?

    looking to get curve xsm skis on my blue and white xtx se viper. thinking of getting skis blue with blue loops. just dont know how good the blue will match? also if any one has suggestions on which brand or type of skis to buy that would be great. dont want to waste my money. also if i need...
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    Osp secoundary adjuster question

    What happened to the osp post? Looking for the instructions. U take the 3 sets of washer shims off back of secoundary. But I'm trying to find out. The shims behind the secoundary on the shaft. Do you remove them all and just have the secoundary tight to bearing and circlip?
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    Forget how the skid arms go back together

    15 xtx se viper So for the rear shock there are 3 holes do u mount the shock on the first hole closest to shaft or middle hole? Bottom hole is the arm. Pretty sure it's middle hole? Powder coated arms.
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    Changing bearings on my bogie wheels

    Has any 1 changed the bearings on the rear bogie wheels the one that both of them are bolted together? Does not look like there is a circlips or anything. Are they just pressed in or made not to change? I tried to press out. Plastic wheel flexed alot. Thought it was going to break. Some reason...
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    How do u pull secoundary shaft out?

    ok found my problems all good now. u can delete