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  1. cannondale27

    TY End Of Year Ride

    March 11 thru 13 Munising TY End of Year Ride: Please call and Book your rooms at the Boarders Inn and Suites in Munising MI by Feb 15th. Make sure you tell them you are with the Totallyamaha Riders Group to get the rate of $85 per night plus tax. There is a limited block of rooms available so...
  2. cannondale27

    Full Size Clutches on Venom

    I had primary from my 13 RR that Thunder Products went through and picked up a new small fin secondary. Will be aligning needed and haven’t checked if electric start will work since I don’t have a ring gear. But they both fit perfectly. Same taper in Primary and same spline and shaft arrangement...
  3. cannondale27

    Standard Center Shock Billet FIST Upgrade

  4. cannondale27

    Standard Center Shock Billet Sealhead update

    Been waiting about 2 years for these pieces of Billet Jewelry! This is the best chance of making the Cat and Yamaha standard center skid shock reliable uses Fox FIST seals like Qs3R. Hard scraper with O ring in it is THE BEST..Stock Water intrusion kills these shocks and being small they work...
  5. cannondale27

    Bent Lower arm and sheared bolt

    Digging in! Still can remove that front in half hr or less. Just glad daughter wasn’t hurt at all. Scary! Went right over and through windshield. Helmet junk not a scratch or bruise on her. We were so lucky.
  6. cannondale27

    Venom Starter Bendix Hitting Ring Gear while Riding

    As mentioned I blued the mangled teeth and only used pull start last year. Bluing was wiped out quickly. So ordered new Bendix and spring kit hoping they would have been changed for better. In meantime when parts finally came in season was over and I was busy. Warranty also ran out unexpectedly...
  7. cannondale27

    Recalled Fuel Line Leak

    Not good! Knew I smelled gas last night daughter said she didn’t.
  8. cannondale27

    Brake Caliper

    Just a heads up to everyone. I Just changed track on mine and was very surprised to find the inside piston on my 2 season old Caliper was siezed. Brake was dragging. Only outer was moving when brake activated. I hate to think what that would do to pads and driveshaft bearing along with a slight...
  9. cannondale27

    129” SR/ProCross chassis 12-16 Custom Axis Skid shocks and Linkage

    All refreshed and set to my settings.Center has Hi/Low compression adjustment. Rear has Compression and Rebound adjusters. Top of the line. Less than half price of new. $900
  10. cannondale27

    2021 Technical Service Manual

    A wealth of info and since much of it is on Facebook. Here is whole thing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19o_Flx0amrwWCXVSbi8baNiGrf_dKbcv/view?usp=sharing
  11. cannondale27

    No extended warranty on the 2 stroke sleds

    I had heard this so yesterday with help of dealer investigated. I could not believe it. No extended warranty! I intended on only buying it if reason too. Normally would have factory warranty time period to decide. Very disappointed in Yamaha doing this. So how about some aftermarket warranty...
  12. cannondale27

    We Can’t get Four!

    Mercury Marine V12 Outboard https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/engines/outboard/verado/verado-600hp/
  13. cannondale27

    It’s In! Venom Mountain

    Not setup yet but TA Motorsports Boosted Nytro got it out of crate for me. Wow! Srx metallic blue tunnel and skid. Waay sharper than a Blast! Even has scratchers. Can you tell I am Happy! Can’t wait to have some fun with the TY off trail group. FUN! The pics just don’t do the paint job justice...
  14. cannondale27

    Yamaha/Cat Offtrail and Mountain Riders/Shock bushings

    Check this out. https://www.facebook.com/C27shockdoc/posts/3496297850484285 https://www.facebook.com/C27shockdoc/posts/3496500353797368 These are the Culprits could ruin your day
  15. cannondale27


    Guys this is how you know your priorities are right! Thank You Tim and Terry at Thunder Products. I will get them done quick so your feet dont get cold! Oh and either the socks were washed or I have Covid cause they dont smell bad! LOL best packing job this season. Way to think out of the Box.
  16. cannondale27

    2018 Apex 50th YRSS Front Shocks

    Thank You RobX-1 ! Very interesting. Easy to service compared to other linked shocks I have done. I dont really get what they were trying to accomplish though. The ports in the control lead to each other and to the reservoir. The piston in reservoir will be forced against the Nitrogen pressure...
  17. cannondale27

    V 4 in snowmobile

    I so wish Yamaha would do a 4st V 4 sled! https://www.facebook.com/RoadandTrack/posts/10158266729731091
  18. cannondale27

    18000 mi Overhaul

    This is going to be a big one. Replacing original tunnel and now have over 8000mi on my previous 2016 chaincase update so updating to 2020 parts complete chaincase. Also finally getting the Hurricane Stubshaft I won at Give Away ride in finally! I am off for at least 14 days since my work is...
  19. cannondale27


    My daughter which still lives at home got a runny nose about a week ago. Her boyfriend and her both tested positive for covid yesterday. Health department calls me today. They recommend 14 day quarantine. I informed work who want me tested before coming back to work. No symptoms other than a...
  20. cannondale27

    Is this the same company that owns Arctic Cat? Öhlins also?

    Anyone know? Surprised me to see Tenneco named. Been dealing with Öhlins for 20 years and never knew or saw any changes. Great company.