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    Sidewinder clutch parts for sale.

    I have been cleaning out some stuff and have some clutch parts I am not using. 2 sets Yamaha stock weights 8FA, one weight has the slugs ground out. $100 a set G-Force magnetic weights VT-10, base wight 70 grams---$125 G-Force weights ST-3 80 gram base weight Fett bros heavy hitters, I do...
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    Track, Storm or Rip 2 1.5?

    I am thinking of changing the track in my new 2022 Gt. I will probably stay will the stock muffler tunes on this one. I am wondering about the Storm 1.5 or the Rip 2 1.5. I really like the loose snow traction of the 1.5 track I had a Storm on my 129 tuned to 270-300 and the track did not seem to...
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    Let's talk suspension

    I picked my new 2022 LTX GT this spring and have been thinking about suspension upgrades. We all know that big power is relatively easy to get with these Sidewinders. The next frontier, for me, is ultimate ride/handling. After over 21k miles on these chassis, I want to see how good I can get...
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    Venture for sale

    I saw this sled for sale and know some here on the forums are actively looking for these. It seemed like a decent deal to me if it is what you want. I have no affiliation at all with the seller, just trying to pass on what seems like a good deal...
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    Seems like these are popping up more and more around here https://nh.craigslist.org/snw/d/claremont-1987-yamaha-terra-pro-atv/7484690073.html
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    Stryke ski inserts

    I am looking to get some of the adjustable inserts for the new Stryke ski. Where do you find them? I only see the stock one in the parts diagram.
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    2019 ZR9000 129 Hurricane tuned

    2019 ZR 9000, 129, 1.5 rip 2 track with @800 miles. Hurricane PM tune(240/270/300) with Hurricane muffler. Dash flash. Dalton clutching. @3500 miles. $11000. Sled is in Vermont.
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    anyone interested in a 22 LTX-GT?

    I came across a deal too good to pass up yesterday and will be cancelling my 2022 LT-GT that is still on order. If there are any members here that may be interested in the sled maybe we can work something out. I am not looking to make any money off anyone here, just trying to pass along my...
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    Elka stage 5

    Anyone running the Elka stage 5 shocks on their winder? I can get a set for about 1/2 price and wondering if I should jump on it.
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    more old cool Yamaha stuff

    https://longisland.craigslist.org/snw/d/west-sayville-brush-hog/7429185641.html looks cool, price maybe a little optimistic??? I don't know the value of these things....
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    1995 Yamaha G5 Sun Classic 36v Electric Golf Cart

    Another cool old Yamaha for sale in New England 1995 Yamaha G5 Sun Classic 36v Electric Golf Cart https://newlondon.craigslist.org/snw/d/hope-valley-1995-yamaha-g5-sun-classic/7424339312.html
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    Sidewinder chain tensioner

    I just picked up a 2019 ZR600XRC. While I was looking it over I saw it had an auto chain tensioner. After doing some research I found that the Thundercat is the only Cat model to use the manual tensioner like the Sidewinder. Has anyone changed their manual tensioner over to the auto tensioner? I...
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    speedo cluster extension wire

    I am looking at relocating the instrument cluster on a T-cat and/or sidewinder. I know extending the existing harness is not a huge deal but would rather make an extension harness if possible. The problem is finding a male side( speedo side) connector. I am wondering if any of our electrical...
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    Question for our members from Sweden....

    I have been trying to get a hold of a company from Sweden named TIKKA PPC POWER. I saw a picture of a clutch weight they made called the MAXX I was able to communicate with them about availability a few years ago but now it seems like I cannot get a response. Are they still in business? Do...
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    Trading the RTX

    Well after 10,000 miles I'll be trading my 2017 RTX 129 for a new sled. Either a T-Cat or a LTX-GT. It will be interesting to see if I miss the 129. I have to see how the trade/prices shake out. I want the LTX. This week is the last chance for someone to buy this sled. I am sure the dealer...
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    S-TX riders, solo riding

    I have been looking at the sidewinder S-TX for a few years. With more and more of my riding being on bigger trails and overnight rides being more common, I was wondering how this sled goes as a solo touring machine? I know at 146 inches it cant be as quick to turn as my 129 but it must be a...
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    Hurricane trail muffler tune, 300 hp, fuel pump?

    Can anyone who is running the 240,270 300 trail muffler bundle tell me if they are running a stock pump? I was not worried about fueling with this tune but am starting to read otherwise in a few places. I have yet to trail ride this set up......
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    F/S Cleaning Out Garage Parts

    can anyone use this? it may be missing some pieces??
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    240/270/300 trail muffler tune

    who is running the 240/270/300 trail performance muffler tune? I have some questions about some real world testing....