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  1. NOS-PRO

    2020-2021 season, Sidewinder testing and racing. Hit my goal of 140+mph

    As all of you know, I like to ride my sled and race it also. This sled was crate loaded in the back of my truck in Minnesota, brought home and was doing clutch testing right away in October of 2016. From then, it went to EVO Powersports to get a flash, exhaust and boost gauge. Ran EVO's tunes...
  2. NOS-PRO

    Asphalt Results 2020 (The year of the Virus)

    Racing has been put on hold due to the Governors and the Virus playing havoc on the whole system. That hasn't stopped me from getting ready and having the Sidewinder ready to go. Just finished up the switchover for the Sidewinder and working on the 1000 Pro Stock. 2 sleds pretty much ready to...
  3. NOS-PRO

    3,000 miles and still on the original drive axle, here's my .02

    With all these drive axles wearing the bearing diameter down, I saw right from the get go from when the Vipers came out, was on a members sled that I worked on and saw what needs to be done. This members sled was worn down .030" and needed to be replaced. These drive axles do not fit...
  4. NOS-PRO

    Precision EFI Clutch/Belt guards in stock

    We have Precision EFI Clutch/Belt guards in stock.. Available in raw aluminum and in black powdercoat Raw $130 Black $160
  5. NOS-PRO

    TY Timeline poll....how long have you been a member?

    Just would like to see how many will attribute to this poll.... I started out on TY back in 2002/2003 with meeting some great people, riding with some of the best people and sharing the same love for the sport :) I am proud to say....This site is the best and I am not going anywhere...
  6. NOS-PRO

    Cool Go-Pro Vid from my back bumper asphalt racing

    Go-Pro videos show what is going on with suspension, track, skis and other views..... like winning over the competition :) ;)! A man came up to me and asked if he could attach a Go-Pro to my sled to see what it looks like from a view many don't see. I absolutely agreed and want to share this...
  7. NOS-PRO

    Bracket Winner 4/20/19 MSADRA Asphalt Racing

    Congratulations to Jeff Jaquish on his Bracket Series win at the MSADRA (Michigan Snowmobile Asphalt Drag Racing Association) at the Mid Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, Michigan! Jeff uses Thunder Products Clutching components on his sled and proudly displays his Thunder Products Clutching...
  8. NOS-PRO

    Pro Stock 800 winner 4/20/19 MSADRA Asphalt Race

    Congratulations to Kurt Schultz this past weekend 4/20/19 winning the #1 spot in Pro Stock 800 at the Mid Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, Michigan!!!! Kurt uses Thunder Products Clutching TSK adjustable weights in his Polaris to put the power down to the ground. MSADRA (Michigan Snowmobile...
  9. NOS-PRO

    1st asphalt race from us at Thunder Products Clutching

    As most of you know, Tim Hank (Shagman) and I (NOS-PRO) race asphalt during the summer months with the same exact sleds we trail ride. Some of our testing comes from time on the track to check back-shift, belt longevity, performance and that eliminating that dreaded belt dust and belt blowing...
  10. NOS-PRO

    Snowmobile season 2018/2019...

    First, I want to thank all the members, friends, riding buddies, everyone on TY and those who come to TY. Tom, @MrSled this site rocks! And has always been the best place to come for help, to daydream, to read up on projects being built or things/issues going on with my own sleds. I want to take...
  11. NOS-PRO

    Thunder Products Clutching will be at Milwaukee and Novi snow shows

    Come see us at booth 443 at the Milwaukee Snow Show and booth 201 at the Novi Snow Show! ;)!
  12. NOS-PRO

    Shagman and NOS-PRO are now the new owners of Thunder Products

    Been a long time in the works, but as of yesterday 9/25/18, Tim Hank (Shagman) and myself Terry Burmeister (NOS-PRO) have purchased Thunder Products, a company that has been providing snowmobile products to so many snowmobilers for 26 years! Thunder Products was the original inventor of the...
  13. NOS-PRO

    Yamaha 4 strokes heavy? I say BS! Watch this!!!!!

    This is a member of this site from Sweden. His name is Johan. Johan contacted me some time ago with some clutching issues he was having. Thru this site and amazing technology these days, Johan and I were able to figure out issues with his clutching. It's truly incredible what can be done over...
  14. NOS-PRO

    Tuner ski modification and machining...will it work?

    I have a brand new set of tuner skis I got with my winder. Nobody wants them and I know for a fact they are not a good ski setup. But I am going to machine the ski down and see if I can't get them to maybe handle good, not push in soft snow and not be too aggressive on hard pack. Thinking of...
  15. NOS-PRO

    Another poll...this is for everyone with a sidewinder

    Doing this poll because I thought the engine was in a "fixed" position, but to some that have posted the engine can be rotated or moved a few millimeters. For the sidewinder, the center is 264.5mm ± 2.5mm for the 8JP belt Mine is 265.1MM and not 1 belt blown this season. Offset is just a tad...
  16. NOS-PRO

    Thunder Products SW takes top speed at Radar Run

    Shagman and his winder with Thunder Products clutching takes the win and top speed at his local Radar Run.
  17. NOS-PRO

    Shagman's SW gets top speed at Radar Run

    Hat's off to @shagman for killing the competition on Saturday Feb. 10th near the Soo. Hoping he will chime in, but the 850 doo's were very slow.... :rofl:
  18. NOS-PRO

    My take on the sidewinder primary clutch

    This clutch, which I thought was supposed to be the future of things to come... has taken me to the point I won't even run it anymore. Going back to the previous style primary..... Seen and heard too many horror stories about this primary clutch. To start out, why have a smaller diameter inside...
  19. NOS-PRO

    Thunder Products Orange Secondary spring **Update**

    If you have an orange secondary spring from Thunder Products for your sled....change your secondary wrap to 2-3 Because some clutching combinations were having issues at 3-3, they have switched their secondary setting to 2-3 and most of their issues have gone away. The spring was harder to...
  20. NOS-PRO

    Thunder Products orange secondary spring poll

    Doing this poll because there are a lot of topics on the Orange secondary spring from Thunder Products and I would like to know some aspects... Please also note which belt you are running. The poll is only open 7 days, but if you comment...please list your sled, if you have traction products...