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    2021 service manual

    I'm looking for a 21 service manual. If somone has one I'd appreciate it.
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    Running into the rev limiter

    Hey Everyone I've finally put some miles on my sidewinder it has the hurricane stock muffler bundle up to 270 and full thunder products clutching set up by them and 192 studs. My problem is if I pin it from a stop on 240 or 270 the track spins and I hit 9300 rpm on the Tach and and it pops and...
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    Turbo Smart Bov testing

    Has anyone tried pulling Vacuum at the small Line fitting on the top of the valve? Mine will pull 23 in lbs of vacuum and slowly drop off. I compared it to the stock one and it pulls the same but never moves off 23 in lbs. I checked and oiled the o rings at the fitting and cap with no change...
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    Studding the stock Quiet track

    I decided I'm going to stud the stock track on my sidewinder and noticed it has the little rubber pads on the track where the studs are going to end up. Does anyone make a countersink bit to cut some of that pad away before I put the stud in?
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    Rear Axle Galling

    Today I removed the Axle on my 21 and noticed it wouldent slide out of the wheels. It kept getting stuck in the bearings and I had to knock it out with a hammer once I got it apart I noticed it was all galled up from where the Axle spun against the adjuster bolts and chewed it up. Sled has 380...
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    Coolant hose protectors

    I Have a set of the BOP tunnel coolant hose protectors in I was going to install this week on my 21. My question is before I do are they still necessary on the 21 sleds?
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    2021 Ltx GT Cluster Flash

    Hello everyone I just picked up the SM SS Bundle and cluster flash from Hurricane for my 2021. I thought I read on here not to long ago that there was issues with the cluster flash on the 21s. But not sure what tune company it was from. Is that still the case? And any of you guys running that...
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    Snowtacker semi aggressive vs aggressive on 2021

    Hello everyone i just bought my first sidewinder 21 ltx it has the stryke skis on it. I'm going to the snowtracker runners but looking for input on the difference between the two. Most people I've talked to say to go with the aggressive over the semi aggressive. I'm also running no studs