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  1. cnybrian

    Looking for a phazer

    Saw this browsing CL. Not mine and do not know who it is. Just passing along info https://ithaca.craigslist.org/snw/d/mc-graw-2012-yamaha-phazer-mtx/7446273549.html
  2. cnybrian

    The Covid Escape Room

    Friend of mine had one like this. The rake wasn't quite as big but it was a trip to ride hat thing. Thanks for that trip down memory lane!
  3. cnybrian

    Rivian R1T, first modern electric pickup

    Maybe I can get a job at that new Space Sprockets place opening up in 2030. I read it on the internet we are going to need billions of them.
  4. cnybrian

    Rivian R1T, first modern electric pickup

    I'm curious to see what the real world range is in cold weather. I usually don't tow very far nor tow very much weight. My Tundra is a bit overkill for what I need, but I would rather have too much than not enough! We do enjoy the CrewMax interior space for the wife and 3 kids. 1 is going off to...
  5. cnybrian

    Snowmobile lift/work stand

    X2. Stay away from Black Ice sled lifts. Cheap chinesium bolts I have one from EazyMove and works great https://eazymovecarts.com/upez/index.html
  6. cnybrian

    Boot Recommendations

    Some feedback on the Klim Adrenaline Pro boots - they ROCK! My feet are warm, dry and the ankle support is great. I love the boa system. I will NOT be going back to laces. We rode on a -7*F morning and with a pair of Smartwool socks, I was very comfortable. The boots are easy to walk in, too...
  7. cnybrian

    The Covid Escape Room

    It’s soda in my household. Pop seems to be more a western NY thing
  8. cnybrian

    Darting issue in 07 yamaha attak

    Had the same issue on my Attak. Added the Snowtrackers and stopped any darting.
  9. cnybrian

    The greaser

    If you can, try and reuse the Amazon Prime labeled boxes, padded envelopes and mailers. We've had good luck mailing packages with them. Wife and I mailed presents in a regular box that had not arrived after more than 2 1/2 weeks, yet reuse those Amazon packaging and said packages arrive in 2-3...
  10. cnybrian

    Thanks to Covid escape room! + TY

    Have to agree here. Many many smiles and laughs brought forth reading the C19 Escape Room. It started off as a nice distraction and now has become required daily reading for staying mentally regular (irregular?)!
  11. cnybrian

    The Covid Escape Room

    Sean Young from Blade Runner. Great flick. Sean Young was fine. Too bad she went bat$hit crazy.
  12. cnybrian

    The Covid Escape Room

    Wasn't sure where to post this one, but here seems like the best place. It popped up in my news feed today. The Vilas County Sheriff's Office has a good sense of humor. https://www.wsaw.com/2020/12/29/epic-photo-serves-as-snowmobile-transportation-reminder/
  13. cnybrian

    December 21...First Day of Winter

    53° and heavy rain forecasted for Christmas Eve for me. Trails could open today if we had snow and does not look like any significant snow in the forecast. Besides, still waiting for trailer to be built that was ordered back in September. Screw COVID. Does "shutting down Ontario" mean all...
  14. cnybrian

    A cartoon I found from 1972

    My wife said she would go sledding with me if I got an Elite. Its been over 10 years now and I still don't have an Elite :hide:
  15. cnybrian

    2007 Apex Attak service manual

    Welcome to the world of Yamaha! I had a 2006 Attak and loved it. Nothing like the 4 cyl 4 stroke power and longevity. If you join TY as a VIP member, you can message the site admins and they can point you to a link for the service manual. https://totallyamaha.com/Totallyamaha/Store/vip.htm
  16. cnybrian

    The Covid Escape Room

    Its not, it's a video of the honey wagon. Just got this email from YT "As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow – and don’t allow – on YouTube. Your video IMG 2214 was flagged to us for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it may not be suitable for all...
  17. cnybrian

    The Covid Escape Room

    This is the field across from my house every spring and fall. Finally YouTube marked as kid safe.
  18. cnybrian

    The Covid Escape Room

    Kids today...
  19. cnybrian


    He's famous! From the latest issue of NYSSA magazine: "I do not use countdown hand signals. I have a RAD LIGHT on both my sleds from ROCZTOYS.com. I have written about this product in the past. Put it on yellow for when someone is following and green if you are the last one in the group. Not...