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  1. Nytro1386


    Hey guys i bought a new winder this year and not sure if i want to put a different windshield on. I dont need one to stay warm just wondering if guys that leave the short ones on have troubles with there gauges getting snow covered while riding. Thanks for any help
  2. Nytro1386


    Hey guys just looking for some advice for carbides on on the 2020 winders. I just picked up my XTX last week. It has the 6.5 inch wide single keel ski's on it so just looking for anybody opinions to run on it. Thanks.
  3. Nytro1386


    Hi everyone this isnt really a 4 stroke question but i have a first generation yamaha sno scoot and i need a new track for it the old one tore anybody got a place to get one?
  4. Nytro1386

    Prefered dealer

    Hey guys I am looking for peoples opinons on dealers. I am from mid wisconsin so anywhere in a two hours would be great used to go to an oshkosh dealer but dont really care for that dealer anymore. Where does everyone else go? Good experience at your local dealer? Thanks
  5. Nytro1386

    Thinking about buying a sidewinder

    Hey guys. Just wanted to get some input on the sidewinders. Waiting for 2020 release and then i am either gonna spring order a sled or see whats left over 19s. What are some issues you guys have had with the sidewinder and what are some tbings you love about it. I currently ride a 13 nytro xtx...