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  1. SAB1

    Can’t get jackshaft bearing out!

    Got it. Thx!
  2. SAB1

    Can’t get jackshaft bearing out!

    I must be missing something…..not seeing a video Link here….but would like to see.
  3. SAB1

    Barn of Parts New Driveshaft Solution

    Hard to believe that five years into the Sidewinder life we are still looking to fix a major design flaw that Yamaha won’t fix…..
  4. SAB1

    Grip and thumb warmer mod?

    Same for me. My grips and thumb warmer are great. Rarely do I use on anything but low. Often shut them off as they get hot.
  5. SAB1

    Adjusting toe on a Sidewinder

    I cut an open end wrench in half To get at that nut. Yes PITA .
  6. SAB1

    Can you adjust the straps without taking the skid out ?

    Very easy to do with a 4x4 under the skid as mentioned above. We did mine in a parking lot in zero degree weather in about 8 minutes tops
  7. SAB1

    Handlebar gauntlets

    I use the Kimpex with the clear see thru top on both my Sidewinder and Apex. They work well with Power Madd hand guards on the Sidewinder but not Apex.
  8. SAB1

    How many miles on your Sidewinder?

    Both of my buddies have over 14,000 miles on their winders And going strong. Both are stock. Both have had drive shaft replacement once. One is a ‘17 one an ‘18.
  9. SAB1

    2023 Spring Order Sidewinders

    If the Poos go up 20% they need limited supply. That’s an absurd increase in price. Christ we don’t even get snow anymore….
  10. SAB1

    Vibration in brake lever when braking.

    Driveshaft and bearing is toast as mentioned above.
  11. SAB1

    Suggestions protecting garage floor?

    I have my garage floor covered with stall mats to protect it when I drive sleds in. I’m trying to figure out how to protect the 10 inch apron in front of the garage door that is outside when the door is closed. The carbides are beating this up. Ply wood don’t work. anyone have this problem solved?
  12. SAB1

    BOP hose protectors

    I don’t have my sled available to look at. Mine is also a 17. I recall talking to Travis about the install when I bought them as I am not a wrench. It was easy to do and Took little time. Yes his bolts are hex head. I also recall seeing a post here where someone removed them and found that they...
  13. SAB1

    BOP hose protectors

    Hmmm. I would call Travis. I installed mine a few years ago and didn’t have to do all the above. Had them installed very quickly as I recall.
  14. SAB1

    3200 km and need to change roller, weight, washer of Clutch ?!

    Seems premature that weights need replacing. I’ve got 5600 on mine, my buddy did his at 9,000 and my other buddy has his done this summer at 10,000. His were rough shape.
  15. SAB1


    Rodents. Hiding nuts and chewing wires….
  16. SAB1

    Winder or thundercat or skidoo 900 180hp

    Agree with Knapp here. Even left stock there are things to do. every off season needs wrenching.
  17. SAB1

    Sidewinder luggage

    No it sits on the seat. The stock back on the tunnel you can see under the seat overhang. I have a LinQ that sits further back in tunnel. It’s this bag here...
  18. SAB1

    Sidewinder luggage

    I mounted a Yamaha bag on my seat.
  19. SAB1

    2020 SRX LE Service Manual

    I’ll bite. What does $145 from Yamaha offer that a VIP membership copy doesn’t. I’ve got both the Apex and Winder manuals from here. Both are fine.