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  1. ATV PRO #11

    PHAZER cant idle anymore

    Sounds like Exhaust Donuts to me.
  2. ATV PRO #11

    MICE!! Please help...

    I’m gonna try that. Mice got me this year. Bought at paid for my harness in December. ETA on back order is still March. It’s mangled, I wouldn’t even trust temp patching. New Polaris. Possibly. Haven’t pulled trigger yet. No phazers new old stock in MB. No decent used ones. Sidewinder 25g...
  3. ATV PRO #11

    Phazer fuel range

    All the above about right. 165kms per tank here less with stock exhaust off.
  4. ATV PRO #11

    Wire harness

    Hi all I’m looking for a wire harness. Stored my girl in the shed this summer and the mice made a mess of my harness. Looking for new, but used 2012 and up are same. 8GN-82590-50 Found one at yamaparts wharehouse for $288. No reply on in stock or not. Then I thought of here and site...
  5. ATV PRO #11

    Nitro gauges on a Phazer?

    That’s wicked. Cool mod imo Everything functions properly?? I’d install separate switch too for reverse.
  6. ATV PRO #11

    07 Phazer Base Model can't figure out.

    This issue seems to be popping up quite abit. Mine still does it only here and there. Boiled it down to coil when it’s really hot. Soon as I go, lightly popping and farting and get snow moving it goes away pretty much every single time.
  7. ATV PRO #11

    Lefty throttle

    I couldn’t even imagine using a lefty. Crash for sure lol
  8. ATV PRO #11

    2009 Phazer GT - spark plug blow out

    Ouch. Never seen this before.
  9. ATV PRO #11

    07 Phazer seized

    Nice job Nitro!!
  10. ATV PRO #11

    07 Phazer Base Model can't figure out.

    Code 34/no code running rough is a tough one. Patience and you’ll get it. Keep us informed on this.
  11. ATV PRO #11

    TY Ride Videos & Pic 2018-2019

    Great job Jeff!! Thanks for everything, everyone!!
  12. ATV PRO #11

    Woody's Slim Jim bad fuel millages

    Also, reading back. That squeal you get on take off not such a bad thing. It probably means you need to only wrap your secondary spring 10* OR possible primary. But I think it’s your secondary wrap. Slight belt slippage. Now, if you can’t get good speed out of it it’s very well possible...
  13. ATV PRO #11

    Woody's Slim Jim bad fuel millages

    Fully compressed front skid spring is definitely and issue. Set your strap. Loosen spring until it moves freely. Then hand tighten enough to just take the play out of the spring. I think you’ll notice huge difference.
  14. ATV PRO #11

    Woody's Slim Jim bad fuel millages

    I’ve had them crack at almost every joint. And brake usually close to the welds. Sorry missed this. Been couple of long days. Strap tight (pulled up) in skid puts more pressure on skis. If you let it down it will do opposite. As for fox shocks I tried two kinds. Sold them. Just couldn’t figure...
  15. ATV PRO #11

    Woody's Slim Jim bad fuel millages

    Check your skids front arm. Sounds like a broken one to me. As for sounds, perhaps secondary needs a good look at.
  16. ATV PRO #11

    Front end damage, now what?

    Glad to hear your ok!! Take to insurance, see what they have to say. Either they’ll fix or write off. Can probably find one and buy back your old one for what insurance will give ya.
  17. ATV PRO #11

    High revs

    Good call. I think you’ll be happy. At the end of the day it’s an hour worth of work and you can always go back.
  18. ATV PRO #11

    Off-Trail Crew Sled Saturday 2.16.19

    That’s what that is. Was wondering why there was extra in the forum. I’m not looking for ebony love :dunno::rofl:kudos to the time on the vids!!
  19. ATV PRO #11

    phazer 2010 idling way too high

    Re reading , that that’s gotta be 5000 rpm idle or more to engage primary and get you moving when started up. That’s abit scary.
  20. ATV PRO #11

    phazer 2010 idling way too high

    Start up here I’m at 22-2400 rpm. Is your red light on when you start it? Is it all warmed up and still Reving high? Your idle adjustment is above your a arm on brake side of sled. Round plug. Pull out and use Phillip’s to adjust. Counter clock to lower rpm.