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    2011 Model differences

    Hopefully a simple question, 2011 Nytro RTX SE is my sled. When searching for parts by model I get FX10RTRSAL and FX10RTRSAB. What are the differences, is one the SE and the other not? Which is which if that is the case? I know it should be simple to pull it off the model tag, but the...
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    Looking at moving to a Nytro from a SxViper

    Hey guys, looking at getting into a Nytro. I have had a Viper since 02 and briefly had an 03 RX1, so I get the 4 stroke part. Any issues early on with these sleds or should I stay away from 08/09 and focus on 10+. Specifically the one I'm looking at right now is an 11 rtx se with about 7000mi...