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    Snow Tracker nervous steering quandry

    Have a '22 TCat EPS with stock skis, 8" Bergstrom triple points, his ski savers and shims (back of saddle). Also have 144 fast-trac studs. Zero darting and just goes where it's turned. The last few weeks I rode all kinds of conditions. From rails bends to lakes to tight twisties. Never had any...
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    Should the turbo spin freely? Mine doesn’t?

    Thanks for the responses. Just to clarify. If I give the impeller a quick half turn spin. It should keep spinning for more than one rotation?
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    Should the turbo spin freely? Mine doesn’t?

    Picked up a ‘22 Tcat with just over 6k miles. After removing the exhaust. I spun the turbo by hand expecting it to spin freely. It doesn’t. It this normal? I expected it to spin a few rotations after letting go. It’s still under warranty. If it’s not right I’ll taker her in.
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    Let's talk suspension

    I’ve heard the same. Nothing more plush than the Team Fast King Air skid. Want to put one in my sled.
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    2019 release

    oops...Sorry :(
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    2019 release

    2019 SRX
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    Feedback on Rev vs RTX

    I guess it part of it depends on the motor your dealing with. I have the 500SS motor. Very little oil useage and very durable and great mpg. You need to consider the entire package..not just the motor. The storage space on my GTX is much more than on the Apex. I take my passenger seat off...
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    Feedback on Rev vs RTX

    I was planning on getting an Apex to replace my Viper and another sled to replace my wifes Arctic Pantera. I found a killer deal on a '06 Rev GTX ( Doo's touring model) for my wife. Paid just over 6k otd. After putting on 300 miles myself I couldn't beleive how much faster and more...