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    Opinion on missing track lug

    Thanks gents, it is just one for now so I might go Rob's route with the 5200. That stuff is unreal. What did you swap yours out for Richard? I do like the hurricane.
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    Opinion on missing track lug

    It appears that I tore a lug off, or at least half of one. The track is a Hurricane 175 with about 2,200 kms on it. it doesn't appear that the track it torn. Picture attached. Machine is an LTX with no engine mods. A couple of questions: It is safe to ride on? Is there anything I should do...
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    Muffler soft heat shield repair ideas?

    I have used this all over my 1000 outlander when I bought it including right next the the exhaust and muffler. Works great and unlike my Winder it gets wet, full of mud and all kinds of other crap and still works and sticks great. Surface was very clean (new) when I put it on 3 years ago.
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    Maybe in 21?? I put them in my 20.
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    Congrats, While it is apart I would install the BOP cross shaft saver and tunnel hose protectors as we well as tack the screws for the roller in the chaincase.
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    Ice Scratchers

    I had my skid out in the fall and my holes seemed as they should be after a season of use. I torque mine down pretty well and use blue locktite on them. Sled is away for the season but when I take the skid out again before next winter for a once over, I will post if my results have changed.
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    Anyone take any cool pics of their 998's while out riding?

    A couple of weekends ago out on the lake.
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    Between forward and reverse

    20 has one for sure, I have one. Disappeared on the 21 I beleive.
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    Between forward and reverse

    If you have the rivnuts, can you possibly get it with the muffler on? I thought I remember seeing that in one of your videos. I put the rivnuts on mine but have never checked that myself as I usually pull the muffler for service anyway. OP - I changed the track on my 2020 at 0km and made sure...
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    My first 50

    Nice, you will not be disappointed with the Hurricane 175. I have one and have contemplated putting the iGrips in but so far have not really had many instances where I felt I have needed them yet. Northern Ontario though so lots of snow (except this year so far). Mr. Sled put iGrips in his I...
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    Sidewinder XTX OEM Saddle Bags

    You could get velcro wire/cable ties. They would probably be the perfect size to go around the handles. Not sure about their reliability in the snow/ice though.
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    Rouski Wheels

    I put Rouskis on 2 09 Ventures and had one break on mine in the 8 years I had it. The other is still going strong and has had no problems. Since I out a set on a Viper and now my Winder (w/ 6.9 Pilots) and haven't had any other issues. I wouldn't shy away from them.
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    New Camso hurricane 175 track

    Sorry Swampcat, I missed this. I did put the Hurricane on and quite frankly love it. For the conditions that we have here it is great. I have not put any iGrips in as so far I haven't felt the need. I have not noticed the increased noise that Justinator mentions but that might be just me...
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    Agree, the Cobra (which was stock on my Viper) was soft indeed. The Hurricane has columns build into the lug and is much stiffer, you cannot bend them over by hand.
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    I guess my issue is I didn't get near that mileage. When I put it away last year is was not even past the break in as our new young kid kept me pretty busy. Like I said, it was that road run that did it which I usually avoid at all costs if I can. When I sold my Viper, the slides were like...
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    Thanks guys, I will see about getting the Duponts. Have the same sled as you Winder_506 but I am jealous in that I don't have near the miles.
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    Gents, Late last year I did a pretty long road run (which I rarely do) and seem to have done my slides in between the second set of idlers and the rear wheels. I think I should replace them. I normally never have slide issues and the snow I ride on is generally pretty good and I deploy...
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    Spring buy cover

    When I received the one for my 2020 last year I thought it was pretty cheap. The one I had from my now sold Viper was much better.
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    2021 Delivery

    I used the sheathing off of some thicker gauge wiring I had laying around and did the same thing. This is a good idea.
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    My Blown Concepts 2020 SRX Wrap!!

    Very well done!