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  1. Upstater57

    sled weights

    Yup, in addition to the accessories, when the young guys start beating up the sleds on rough trails, the can bend and break them. Durability is always an issue when lightweight and horsepower get put together. The old Acat Firecats had this problem. They were fast but guys would bring them to...
  2. Upstater57

    IQS for 300lb rider

    You may want to talk with Hygear about multi rate springs verses changing the shock valving.
  3. Upstater57

    Dragy Advice

    I am thinking of using this device next winter for clutch tuning. I am looking for some info from some users: # 1 - How does like the cold and snow? Any issues with cold and snowy days? # 2 - Where/how have you mounted it? The magnetic strip that I see used online in a car does not look useful...
  4. Upstater57

    Hyfax change

    I have always painted a little never-cease on the inside where it rides the curve. Nice job on the relief cuts.
  5. Upstater57

    sled weights

    Hopefully next time they do this they will have a few Arctic Cats in the mix. Would love to see the new chassis full with gas hanging from the scale.
  6. Upstater57

    Loose rivets under gas tank by exhaust???

    I would use these as replacements. These are aerospace/military spec and are easily obtainable. I used have used these in the past and found them to be sturdy replacements for the cheap rivets found on sleds.
  7. Upstater57

    stage 6 vs mod stock vs big turbo

    It is hard to quantify the best back for the buck since everyone has a different value system and different expectations for their sled. All the RR suspension upgrades are good, the shaft saver and chain case up grades are good. These harden weak points that can fail when stock let alone...
  8. Upstater57

    Mach Z not stock king of the lake.

    I always leave on Yellow. A chase is a race. LOL
  9. Upstater57

    Sidewinder refined anymore for 24?

    Ditto to all of the above.
  10. Upstater57

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    Thanks for finding this. Much appreciated. Funky looking piece of Carbon Fiber (my guess) for a front rear suspension arm!
  11. Upstater57

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    Posted somewhere on this forum were drawings of cat skid frame submissions, one of which had a completely different front arm mechanism unlike anything I have ever seen. Maybe someone will be interested enough to search for it and repost it.
  12. Upstater57

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    I think they needed to flush the 800's out of the system. That engine block don't work in the new chassis. The new 600 uses a new block. Probably the same block the 860 will use. We will also probably see two versions. One non turbo, one turbo. We will find out in about 11 months.
  13. Upstater57

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    Good point. It's always good to copy what works. They all use cats arm configuration. LOL When I have looked at "patent" diagrams that were posted in the past, I thought they would be reinventing their skid frame design. Perhaps that is what's tap for the 137 in a year or two so they only made...
  14. Upstater57

    Updated Driveshaft 8JP-G7511-10-00---metallurgy testing

    I hate it too! But I will grow my hair long when I turn 70 just for grins. LOL
  15. Upstater57

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    I think the longer front arm on the 129 does a better job of "coupling" the suspension without making it a wheelie machine than the old set up.
  16. Upstater57

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    I like it. I am sure they will use the same steering mechanism with the wider bulkhead to accommodate the 4 stroke. Of course, it is probably already designed to accept the EPS unit. As long as I have owned Arctic Cats (since 1976), they all had a farm implement "build look" to them. As long as...
  17. Upstater57

    TD Mod Stock turbo

    I ran a modstock turbo on my 1100 with a 300hp tune. The sled was violent and fast. I detuned it back to a stock turbo and a 240 HP tune. I will be selling the modstock turbo unit this summer.
  18. Upstater57

    1" track for hard pack racing

    If you run the 1", I would also run 5 studs per bar. I run 5 per bar on a 1.25".
  19. Upstater57

    Ns1 gauges

    You sure can. One of my screens is 50% GPS and Speedo/Tach/Water Temp on the other half.
  20. Upstater57

    Ns1 gauges

    As I mentioned earlier in this old post, I like my NS1. I use it on my 2014 ZR9. For this season just ending, on my new Tcat, I installed the Arctic Cat Garmin unit with the stock cat gauge. It works great. After riding one season without my NS1, I do however miss it. The only advantage I noted...