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  1. 1049triple

    2023 SRX helix?

    Thanks! Never thought Yamaha had a 37 degree helix. Was that 37 degree offred to the public? Or they were all cut to 35-39?
  2. 1049triple

    2023 SRX helix?

    I wonder why they changed the number from the 8KC70. Just saw that in part book they are all 8MA-00 or 8MA-10.
  3. 1049triple

    Team Primary on Winder secondary mocked up

    Really good info. Just to add, the Cat belt I blew was with stock tune 141 x 1.75 back country track and very low 22/48 gearing. Now I run MS17 header tune, 21/41 with a 144 Challenger cut down to 1.5".
  4. 1049triple

    Team Primary on Winder secondary mocked up

    I ran the Team for 3000km before switching. Original 220$ Cat belts were exploding at 1500km each. Both belt blowed at part throttle with excessive heat. Beeing used to run 120$ Yamaha belts that last forever, that dosent make sens for me. After put the Yamaha clutch I must say that I exploded...
  5. 1049triple

    Team Primary on Winder secondary mocked up

    No sorry, I mean the clutch was too tight in the sliders. Having hard time just to close the clutch without any spring on it.
  6. 1049triple

    Team Primary on Winder secondary mocked up

    Turboflash how is the belt lasting with the Team on your friends sleds? Mine was just too tight, overheating expensive belts and giving poor clutch response. Thats why I swaped to Yamaha clutch on my 9000 and do not regret one bit.
  7. 1049triple

    Who is running TAPP Primary clutch??

    I ran the Tapp on mine last year. It was a really short season but after 1000km of riding and tunig, I still prefer the Yamaha primary. In my opinion, you can adjust more with a Yamaha primary. Like Knapp said, the clickers are nice, but they are not something that you play with a lot. You are...
  8. 1049triple

    2023 SRX helix?

    I just checked the part book and it also show that new helix number...
  9. 1049triple

    2023 SRX helix?

    I was at a 2023 snowmobile show today and opened the clutch side cover on the new SRX. I was surprise to see the helix was stamped 8MA10 on it. Can anyone with a 2023 SRX check if you have a 8MA10 helix on it and mesure it? Thanks!
  10. 1049triple

    2017-8 vs 2019 and up handlebars controls

    My freind have a 2019 xtx se and he have de new controls like the 2020. He is all original.
  11. 1049triple

    2017-8 vs 2019 and up handlebars controls

    The throttle is also different (a bit smaller) on the 2019+. I found on my 2018 that I used to drive with the hands not completely closed around the handle bars to be comfortable with the throttle. And that make my hand getting cold more easily.
  12. 1049triple

    2017-8 vs 2019 and up handlebars controls

    Anyone know how difficult is to switch from a 2018 style handle bars controls to a 2019 and up? (Throttle, emergency stop, lights, warmers, reverse...) I am looking to do that swap but if someone told me it is very complicated because of different wiring modifications, etc, I might forgot the...
  13. 1049triple

    Here is a bit of info for guys with 141xtx and want to go 144.

    Depending on what you want to do: Herw is what I actually run, the Challenger 2" cut down to 1.6 because I use to go off trail. If I was going for speed I would choose the Cobra 1.375 in two ply with studs.
  14. 1049triple

    Wheels adjustment

    I just installed my new Ice Age rails. When fitting the wheels, I thought there may be a sweet spot were you want your wheels to be deeper than the hyfax. Right now from memory, my wheels are a minimum 3/8 down compared to the hyfax. What would be the best position for the least amount of track...
  15. 1049triple

    Here is a bit of info for guys with 141xtx and want to go 144.

    I did the same thing. Wanted more traction so went to a challenger 144 cut down to 1.5 and installed 2.52 10 tooth drivers. Only modification was on the rails tips. It may depend on your suspension set-up. This is the best mod I did to my 141.
  16. 1049triple

    '14 Viper SE really loose handlebars. Anyone else?

    At first I removed the airbox but this take too much time. The right way to do it is to remove the right hand rubber boot at the tie rod and A-arm, so you have an easy access by the right side of the machine.
  17. 1049triple

    Remove you primary rollers to inspect!!

    My sidewinder primary started to eat rollers bushings pretty bad last year. It started with a 600km ride with new rollers bushings and they were completely shot like yours when back home. Last set of roller bushing lasted around 100km. So I ended the season with an old style primary without any...
  18. 1049triple

    Turbo Dynamics clutch kit

    The Black/Tan is my go to spring set at 6-1 with a straight 37 helix. (The tangs are right at 0-1 being about 0° wrap) Running a 141 1.5 track. 2500km this year with that secondary trail set-up no blown belt.
  19. 1049triple

    Longest Lasting Rollers

    For me the larger roller do not last longer. I ran the Sidewinder primary for 5000km with little roller bushing wear using duralon bushings. It was acceptable, around 1500km/ bushing set. Now, it isn't anymore. It wore roller bushing in 50km. 14.5, 15 or 15.5mm, it dosen't matter. So I did like...
  20. 1049triple

    1000ft gearing

    For 1000ft of snow, with that tune, I would stay around 22/41 max, and you will still have room. Not a good thing to be overgeared on snow.