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  1. JP_YFZ

    Split Rail Ski Help

    I had tried that originally, but it still looks like there in enough room for one more washer. I will put the washers on top and bottom then tightened it up. Maybe that will draw it down? If not I'll add one more washer, just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks for the help!
  2. JP_YFZ

    Split Rail Ski Help

    Hi All, I picked up a set of split rails skis used, the end of the season last year. I just got the spindles and a-arms back from powder coating. While attempting to mount the spindles up with the provide hardware, I noticed a big gap between the spindle and the ball joint bushings. The skis...
  3. JP_YFZ

    Intake boots

    Hey Pete, If you get a K&N filter kit from Ulmer he recommends you remove the round spacers from the intake boot clamps. I overlooked this the first time around and the intake boots would slide right off the throttle bodies. I would ditch those spacers when you go to put it back together. That...
  4. JP_YFZ

    Bogging and Shutting Off

    Sounds like sled could be having a lean condition. I would look at that fuel controller and all the wiring/harness around it. Check plugs for color. I would remove the fuel controller from the sled and test it. You wouldn't want to leave it without one for too long, but that might an issue...
  5. JP_YFZ

    2014 Cat XF 1100 Turbo... Wow that was boring.

    Can't beat the Yamaha 4 strokes for reliability and ease of ownership. I put just over 1000 miles on mine so far this season and have done nothing but turn the key and go. I did have to replace the rear outside idler wheel after hitting a stump in a snow bank, whoops. Nytro40th, How does your...
  6. JP_YFZ

    2014 Cat XF 1100 Turbo... Wow that was boring.

    Yeah, I love the way the nytro pulls. It doesn't bother me that it doesn't have the fastest top speed, cause I race it on a lake maybe twice a season. The rest of the time I'm on the trails where it has no problem keeping up. What's a good clutch setup for best corner to corner with out losing...
  7. JP_YFZ

    2014 Cat XF 1100 Turbo... Wow that was boring.

    Me and some guys at work skipped to ride yesterday. We lined up a '14 AC XF 1100 turbo, '06 Apex, '01 XC 700, '03 edge 600, '04 GSX 600 (all stock) and my '11 Nytro RTX (PC-5, K&N, and D&D can, stock clutch) on a reservoir with 1-2 feet on hard pack on it. The stretch was about a mile. We ran...
  8. JP_YFZ

    Full exhaust PCV setup....R U seeing better top end speed

    I have PC-V, Ulmer K&N kit (his fuel map) a D&D can, stock clutching and 170 double backer studs. the best top end I have seen on speedo was 101mph, but the GPS in my pocket said 95mph. I maybe gained 1-3mph on top end, but I did notice an increase in pull when accelerating. I would have to say...
  9. JP_YFZ

    42" Skinz Front End worth it for RTX trail sled?

    Thanks for the info everyone. I was googling split rail + nytro right after I posted this and I found a set of split rails used, with carbines in good condition for $400. I hit commit to buy before I knew what happened. I have read good things about them and the price seemed right. I hope I...
  10. JP_YFZ

    42" Skinz Front End worth it for RTX trail sled?

    Hey Guys, I am thinking hard about buying the Skinz 42" front end for my '11 RTX. I live in upstate NY and ride all trails (most groomed, some not) and ditches. I was hoping to get everyone's opinion about it on before spending that much cash. The Warden (wife) put the squash on a new Viper...