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    Fx nytro Factory race front end

    I know it’s a long shot but anyone wanting to part with a factory race front end. Mine is tweeked to the point of no return.
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    18 Yamaha sidewinder electrical issue

    No gps. I pulled each fuse out an nothing changed still power to everything until I pull the battery fuse. Then there’s nothing to the other fuses.
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    18 Yamaha sidewinder electrical issue

    I believe every fuse has power when everything is off so maybe it something before the fuse fox. but I will try that later when I get home. An no tuner or flasher on the sled
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    18 Yamaha sidewinder electrical issue

    I’ve got an 18 Yamaha sidewinder ltx an my battery keeps drawing dead. I have checked most of my wires an the common rub spot under the fuse box an most grounds an nothing has rubbed through. I’ve tested the fuse box an it has power all the time even with key off. Iv unplugged the hood an makes...