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  1. RacerDave

    2013 XTX vs 2014 Rush Pro R 800

    Interesting. I have a 2012 SWB 800. My buds 2014 viper can't come close to me from bottom to top.
  2. RacerDave

    ??? Viper LTX vs Doo Renegade 1200???

    Thanks for your honesty. Would you feel the same about a 1200 120 track vs a viper 129 track? 4stroke torque wise I feel a longer track is a advantage. Another subjective opinion, I have rode a Doo 2 smoke short track and felt a little cramped seating wise vs both my Polaris 2012 Switchback and...
  3. RacerDave

    ??? Viper LTX vs Doo Renegade 1200???

    Can anyone give me a honest comparison of these 2 sleds? Lets assume {yeah I know}, both sleds are setup equally, studded or not. Both are good runners with stock oem clutching and gearing and both broken in. Are they equal on accelleration and on to top end, or is one better than the other in...
  4. RacerDave

    4th Wheel Kit from Ulmer Racing

    What is the tri-hub?
  5. RacerDave

    SHOOT-OUT vipers?

    1 inch Hacksaw is oem on the Polaris's.
  6. RacerDave

    Exact specifications

    Pretty much my feelings also
  7. RacerDave

    Viper/ViperLTX ???

    If it was I didn't see it. Thanks yamahas
  8. RacerDave

    Viper/ViperLTX ???

    Has anyone came across the length on these 2 models?
  9. RacerDave

    How is the new Viper cooled?

    The rad and tunnel exchanger are all I've seen and read about also
  10. RacerDave

    Wisconsin Northwoods Viper demo rides?

    If anyone knows of or hears of a Viper demo ride in the Wisconsin Northwoods please post it here.
  11. RacerDave

    Rear heat exchanger sale $99.95!

    Pics or link to Yamah pic please?
  12. RacerDave

    New rear heat exchanger kits for RX/RS and Apex/Attak models

    Is this 136 cooler still available? what is the cost if it's still around?
  13. RacerDave

    Top Speed AND The Yamaha Apex.... Whats the dreameter sayin?

    On very hardpack lake running and only enough fluff for slide lube I often seen 135 on the dreamo in 1+ mile running. Never had a gps with me Top speed on the Apex is the one thing I really miss.
  14. RacerDave

    Thank 's for the help along the way and a great site

    There are more than you think Shanks. Everyone doesn't post on the net. I wanted more nimble handling again, with less weight. Yeah I don't carry my sleds through the trails, but the weight is there. Different strokes for different folks, whether it is 2 or 4!
  15. RacerDave

    Thank 's for the help along the way and a great site

    My time on the Apex is over. I picked up my 2010 Polaris IQ8 last Thursday, and spent Friday and Saturday on it in Wisconsins Northwoods. Just heard from the dealer the Apex is sold. Thanks to all that helped me here. Especially to RockerDan for his excellent posts and how to's and his pms to...
  16. RacerDave

    Idler wheels,2 bolt mounts,Mono skid fixes...PICS!!!

    Dan, I had Ulmers bearing on my rear shock with 2,800 miles. Only problems I had was grit in the bearings. Any way my ? is, isn't your tube mounted low for track protection? The bearing roller mounts right on the shock bolt.
  17. RacerDave

    mono w arm install

    Did you guys have this problem before the arms were reinforced? If not there is your answer.
  18. RacerDave

    Temp Gauge

    pm'd you about Ulmers gauge
  19. RacerDave

    spy photos of the next apex 1150

    Alatalo, any way to get the site to come up in english?