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  1. actionjack

    Polaris rocker switch plate

    I like it.
  2. actionjack

    Big Iron Shootout March 2023

    Any TY members in the video? I would think a Winder MTX would be bad #*$&@ on the chutes. Looked like 2 of 3 Propexs went home on a rope - not engine failure.
  3. actionjack

    Last trip of the season for me.

    Theres nothing like a successful saddlebag trip.
  4. actionjack

    Lifetime MPH

    30s Mph Will be the same for almost everyone.
  5. actionjack

    Mach Z not stock king of the lake.

    Glad the stupid boost posts with useless videos are gone. Go blow your horn on a Boost site. Maybe you'll inspire someone more tolerable to post some actual valid results.
  6. actionjack

    gauge swap

    Or fashion a JB Weld repair. I had to repair the tab on my Apex headlight from taking a pretty huge unexpected, and luckily successful, flight once and lo and behold BOP actually makes a repair kit for that. Meaning that a common weak point may have been solved by some other Macguyver somewhere...
  7. actionjack

    Your Macgyver special

    Raided hotel maintenance shop for tubing, pipe clamps and sealant to patch a hole in an Apex crossover tube from thrown stud and got antifreeze at 1am in Quebec convenience store to ride last 115 miles the next day back to truck and trailer.
  8. actionjack

    Food for thought/ 2023&2024 yamacat

    Until there is a dramatic new development in battery tech electric vehicles are doomed. They serve niches and would service ski resorts fairly well but energy density vs petrochemicals is laughable. Not to mention cold weather performance. Electric vehicles mile for mile emit more CO2. If you...
  9. actionjack

    Ride lite

  10. actionjack

    New ski-doo

    Definitely useful to see riding buddies on a screen I have a 22 Backcounty XRS. Haven't put much miles on it but its no Winder. On the other hand its better for a crossover because its light and practically disposable (for $15K). The Winder is like a BMW M7 while the BCXRS is like a Subaru...
  11. actionjack

    1.75 Hurricane vs Backcountry X on a SW

    Might as well go 146 too Doug.
  12. actionjack

    Making headway!

    Aspect ratio! Jesus I'll never understand people choosing to have those black bars on their TV.
  13. actionjack

    Making headway!

  14. actionjack

    Making headway!

    Not sure what you mean but I'm 100% sure I record all the time NOT through Youtube then post directly from my phone or from my laptop.
  15. actionjack

    2022 137” bottoming out nearly with no one on.

    Ran a Kimpex 2 up seat with my wife and at times my 2 daughters weighing more than my wife together. Im 180 on the street and I didnt even need 3 on the torsion setting. Something else wrong is my guess.
  16. actionjack

    Making headway!

    pop on youtube and share. Prob easiest
  17. actionjack

    2019 Srx questions

    Revalve for that. Whatch for the lower spring retainer flying out. My buddies wanted to know how I could take the moguls so hard on my LTX LE but I did loose the bottom spring retainer from pounding them.
  18. actionjack

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    Next year's buyers and the year after will be the test pilots for the belt drive, as always. Obviously, any mill available to Cat has been considered if not actually already mounted in the Catalyst, including the 998T. Its silly to wonder about it. Obviously, they need an 850 or equivalent...
  19. actionjack

    2017 Sidewinder headaches

    Dealers rec was to check TY? Wow.
  20. actionjack

    Sidewinder B-TX, problems with a gearbox, please help

    Good news that solved your problem. I think generally that actuator is just crap. I've read about them having corrosion on the connections, stripped plastic gear that can be "re-clocked" to use good teeth on opposite side and seen videos of people taking the actuator apart and regreasing them...