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  1. SnoWarrior

    Sidewinder trail tank

    I also had a Trail Tank on my Nytro. I installed a 1.8 gallon RotoPax in my soft tunnel bag. Made a simple bracket out of 1" x 1/4" aluminum flat stock. Attached it to the tunnel with 2 bolts and tapped the bar for the fuel bracket. I also have the saddle bags for overnight trips...
  2. SnoWarrior

    Last trip of the season for me.

    Went to RDL, on the Gaspe Peninsula, rode Sunday thru Tuesday. Trails were great, each day got thinner around town and hotel. Got 660 miles in 3 days. I could not have done the trip without ice scratchers. Trails hard in the morning, then soft but thin over base. We trailered to St. Raymond...
  3. SnoWarrior

    Apex clutch on Sidewinder

    I am running stock winder with an Apex clutch. I got my kit from Thunder products, spot on. Big Venom Sidewinder Kit For my weight 57.9 grams they loaded the Heavy Hitter weights for me. :sled1::rocks:
  4. SnoWarrior

    paint codes

    ColorRite 0564 Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C (DPBMC) Touch-Up Paint Aerosol for Yamaha R6
  5. SnoWarrior

    paint codes

    https://www.colorrite.com/ :sled2:
  6. SnoWarrior

    Secondary clutch bushing failure

    I did the same. Pressed in new bushing, put some loctite retainer on both sides, peened both sides. We got 14 inches of snow here in Eastern Long Island. Rode about 20 miles on ice roads....not a good testing location. Held up, my Son took a rip and got it up to 100 mph. Can't hold my breath...
  7. SnoWarrior

    Vibration in feet

    My stub shaft did not cause a vibration. But when the bushing on the secondary slid towards the bearing, lot of vibration, and the clutches were cooking hot. Like riding a cement mixer..... Flat spotted one roller.
  8. SnoWarrior

    Secondary clutch bushing failure

    Mine is all stock. Cleaned and pressed new one in. No shim behind secondary.
  9. SnoWarrior

    Secondary clutch bushing failure

    Yea seems it doesn't end... My helix bushing took a beating also, time to order more parts. It got real loud when the clutch started to open past 30 plus mph. And I was babying the sled to break in a new belt. Guess that saved a lot more damage. I need to order more rollers, and at least a new...
  10. SnoWarrior

    Secondary clutch bushing failure

    Damn rebuilt both clutches, got 9 miles and felt a vibration by my left foot. Got worse if I went over 30 mph. Stopped trailside, both clutches super hot..... One roller flat spotted. Just took it apart, secondary clutch bushing half way out. This was a new oem bushing. Now what???? Just when...
  11. SnoWarrior

    Looks like yamaha/cat improved the driveshaft/bearing fit!!!!

    Maybe I got a good one?? What is the ID of the shaft? :rocks:
  12. SnoWarrior

    New Driveshaft ID Smaller

    I got the shaft saver turned down to 1.228 at a machine shop. All Good in Wedgie Thing Vile now! :Rockon::sled1::rocks:
  13. SnoWarrior

    New Driveshaft ID Smaller

    Bearing fit snug on the shaft. Dealer is inquiring if there were any changes to the shaft.
  14. SnoWarrior

    New Driveshaft ID Smaller

    Ok, old driveshaft and bearing were toast after last season. Received a new driveshaft and bearing about 3 weeks ago from my dealer. Got it installed and went to put the BOP driveshaft saver in…..ohh noo Mr. Bill! NO FIT The new driveshaft has a smaller inside diameter than the one that I...
  15. SnoWarrior

    Can someone help me figure out a parts list?

    Try calling Port Washington Yamaha. They have always been helpful, and a site sponsor. :4STroke::rocks:
  16. SnoWarrior

    I need help SW down again losing coolant 550 miles - *FIXED* fingers crossed

    What a disgrace! How about a go fund me page for litigation?
  17. SnoWarrior

    I need help SW down again losing coolant 550 miles - *FIXED* fingers crossed

    I had a similar incident with my 05 Warrior....old post. Engine burned up on the trail. Yamaha told dealer to tear the motor down and they would fly a rep out to look at it. (blah, blah, blah) I called Yamaha, kept my cool, got a young lady that was in charge of my case. I explained the...
  18. SnoWarrior

    Check Your Rivets

    Thought I was almost done going over the sled after the last trip..... Damn, the tail light was moving around. Rivets on the back of the tunnel extension and tail light rivets all loose. Also the rivets that hold the snow flap are loose. Started drilling them out and replacing them. These are...
  19. SnoWarrior

    Living The Dream!

    It sure is, what a blast. We went down the Clairmont Express to the Hotel Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu Casino for lunch. Trail was the best I have ever seen it, fast and flat, "Winder Heaven". 125 miles from the hotel, most of it high speed cruising. :4STroke: :-o