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  1. thetruck454

    '16 Vector XTX idle problem

    My dad's '16 Vector XTX does not want to start or idle when it cold. It acts like an old carb engine where you have to play with the throttle and keep rpms up for a while. If it does stall it does not want to start, catching and stalling repeatedly. When it does fire up again the rpms...
  2. thetruck454

    Primary clutch sheave wear

    I bought the sled new and have never changed em
  3. thetruck454

    Primary clutch sheave wear

    Nytro has just under 11k on it. I'm assuming that wear on the primary shaft is normal, but when should I replace the bushings/spider rubbers? I'm on my second clutch kit so springs and rollers/weights are fresh(ish). I've also replaced the buttons/spring on the secondary recently.
  4. thetruck454

    Embarrassingly dumb question

    That makes much more sense. Thank you!
  5. thetruck454

    Embarrassingly dumb question

    My father has a '16 Apex XTX with the upgraded fox shock. I sent it out to Hygear for a rebuild since he's sitting at 7600 miles. I've read the easier way to get it back in is to let the air out of the main chamber. Now for the embarrassing question, where is that? Looking on Fox's diagram I...
  6. thetruck454

    Bearing replacement park number check

    My '09 Nyro XTX has 12,000 on it and since its my wifes and I don't ride it, I figure its time to replace all the bearings. I have the parts ( I tried to get all new circlips and oil seals so if/when I mangle one getting it out) underlined in red below in my "cart". I'd rather not get part way...
  7. thetruck454

    Possible belt damage

    Does this torn rib mean this belt on its way out? There are a couple other spots that fabric is worn on the peak of the inside ribs, but no other missing rubber. I measured the width at the valley of the outer ribs several places around and got 33.4mm-33.7mm so within the 32.5mm spec...
  8. thetruck454

    Mountain tech skid plate

    I have A-arms, skid plate on both my Nytros and just ordered his running boards for one of em. Quality parts that are well worth the price
  9. thetruck454

    help-- rear suspension front shock linkage

    Did anyone ever figure this out? I have a '09 Nytro xtx that I've had the skid apart almost every year (so who knows if I put it together correctly) and I have it set up like option "B". I just picked up a '14 Nytro xtx and its in configuration "A", but unknown if the previous owner had it...
  10. thetruck454

    Vector gauge swap question

    The gauge is off a 2012 Vector with EFI and EPS so it is the correct one. I figured out what the 8th wire was for the EPS error signal. It tells the gauge to illuminate the EPS symbol. Here are some semi finished pictures of my gauge swap. I added the aluminum bracing because the weight of...
  11. thetruck454

    Question for you. Do you know if the frame is different enough on any of the earlier versions...

    Question for you. Do you know if the frame is different enough on any of the earlier versions (I think my frame part number ends in 3) that would cause gusset you sent me for my '14 to not fit an earlier frame?
  12. thetruck454

    2012 Vector efi wiring diagram

    Thanks everyone, I was able to figure out what I needed.
  13. thetruck454

    Vector gauge swap question

    I have the vector gauge mounted and am building a plug and play wiring harness extension (https://www.corsa-technic.com has every single connect I've ever seen, it's a great resource), but have a question. From what I've read I need to add a single pin for battery power to keep the clock from...
  14. thetruck454

    2012 Vector efi wiring diagram

    I'm looking for a wiring diagram for a efi vector. Anyone have have a picture/file of one?
  15. thetruck454

    Solutions for xtx with star kit still saging

    Saved in the nick of time haha. I'll take it off the dollies and report back. Thanks everyone
  16. thetruck454

    Solutions for xtx with star kit still saging

    There is no dumb question, just dumb answers. Yes the skis are on dollies. I tried putting the track on a dolly to and it didn't make a difference. I suppose I can take it all back out again and pull both shocks so I can move all the linkages to check for any binding. Not that I really want...
  17. thetruck454

    Solutions for xtx with star kit still saging

    Rebuilt before last season by Hygear I'm gonna install the star kit in my '14 Nytro xtx this weekend and see how that one sits. I'm not sure which result I'd rather see haha
  18. thetruck454

    Solutions for xtx with star kit still saging

    On my '09 I just reinstalled the skid after installing the star kit and I still have a measured 4" of sag even with both torsions springs on hard. If I pick it up and let it down slowly it will only sag about .5". I greased everything and checked bushing wear when I installed the kit. The...
  19. thetruck454

    How to tell if secondary buttons are worn.

    I'm putting a clutch kit in and wasn't sure if I should replace nthe secondary buttons or not. How worn is "worn" I guess is what I'm trying to ask. They all have flat spots on them, but they definitely aren't cracked. I'll attach a picture of them as soon as I can figure out how to lower the...
  20. thetruck454

    Do you lubricate Nylatron bushings?

    Putting my second Nytro back together with Mountain tech 43+2 kit and I decided to try the Pioneer Nylatron bushings. Do I put grease on theses during install and/or periodically grease them? The Mountain Tech a arms don't shave any zerks so I was wondering if I should drill and add some for...