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  1. Kenneth Rogers

    Primary roller bushing

    That’s a very nice way to say it. SPI has been complete garbage from my experience.
  2. Kenneth Rogers

    Clutch weights

    Two sets of 8LR weights @ $125 CDN each and a set of Dalton DPYA-74 weights @ $150 CDN. Very low miles on either set. Shipping extra.
  3. Kenneth Rogers

    Fuel pump issue?

    Map sensor? Could also be moisture in one or More of the small sensor lines running to the nose of the sled.
  4. Kenneth Rogers

    Clutch spring manuf preference?

    I always use dalton. I use their weights, helixes, and springs. Other than OEM, I don’t have anything to compare them to. Their stuff has always worked as advertised for me.
  5. Kenneth Rogers

    Another flat land Turbo

    There’s more n/a’s out there.
  6. Kenneth Rogers

    Another flat land Turbo

    You’re paying for a couple engines though. No one can convince me that the factory warranty isn’t included in the price.
  7. Kenneth Rogers

    Slight leak of chaincase oil

    Pretty sure one picture shows a site glass. Indicating a chain case. (Smiley winky face)! Don’t know how to use emojis.
  8. Kenneth Rogers

    Slight leak of chaincase oil

    It’s probably ATF.
  9. Kenneth Rogers

    2022 137” bottoming out nearly with no one on.

    Is the skid mounted in the proper holes? My ‘21 SRX was sagging down a ton. Turns out I mounted the skid back in the sled incorrectly. I would say if the skid has never been removed then your torsion springs are sacked. From what I have been told the springs hold up the sled while the shocks...
  10. Kenneth Rogers

    sidewinder boost gauge

    I am almost certain both TD and Hurricane have the option with any flash to have a small boost number when engine hours are selected before startup. I am 100% certain it works on Hurricane flashes.
  11. Kenneth Rogers

    sidewinder boost gauge

    If you’re flashed turn the key on and select engine hours on the display. Once the sled is started it will show boost numbers instead of engine hours.
  12. Kenneth Rogers

    Mach Z not stock king of the lake.

    Whats takeoff speed? What distance does it take to reach it, and time to reach that speed. Compare that to what sleds are doing. There’s the difference.
  13. Kenneth Rogers

    hurricane bundle

    Stock 8JP.
  14. Kenneth Rogers

    hurricane bundle

    I’m not sure what I’m doing different but I’m able to use dtya-2’s on 270ss.
  15. Kenneth Rogers

    240 tune vs 270 tune

  16. Kenneth Rogers

    240 tune vs 270 tune

    I ran 270 with just the flash, BOV, 3 bar, and some weights and spring. Got the weights used, springs are cheap, eBay for BOV, and no choice but to get the sensor from a tuner. About $1000 all in. Be thrifty and it won’t cost nearly as much.
  17. Kenneth Rogers

    Tune differences

    Terrible thing to only have 270hp.
  18. Kenneth Rogers

    Tune differences

    My srx with Hurricane tuning acts like a 2 stroke. Instant response. I love it.
  19. Kenneth Rogers

    Looking for a file so I can 3D print a smaller tether

    I’ve tried posting a picture. Always too big for the server. I can email it to you if that works.