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  1. Jasonjmccoy

    Need some gearing/clutching advice please!

    Sled is a 2012 Nytro XTX, all stock except I just put on a 1.6 cobra track. I mainly use this sled for ice fishing, usually towing a fair amount of gear. It’s been recommended to drop a tooth on the top gear from 21 to 20. It’s my understanding that I can keep the stock chain. I’d also like...
  2. Jasonjmccoy

    Looking for Nytro exhaust turnout

    Anyone have an extra exhaust turnout lying around they want to sell?
  3. Jasonjmccoy

    need help - Center Shock Linkage

    Can someone please take a picture of their center shock linkage where it connects at the bottom? I have mine apart and it seems that there's 2 ways it con go back together. The way it came apart, the bottom of the shock has a flat spot worn from rubbing on the track so I'm wondering if the...
  4. Jasonjmccoy

    Help with shock damage please

    thanks, it is a Nytro. I don’t see anything obviously bent. Could the slides get worn down enough to cause this?
  5. Jasonjmccoy

    Help with shock damage please

    Pulled all my shocks to be rebuilt, the center shock bottom mount point is ground completely flat. I would expect to see some damage to the track where this would be rubbing, but I see none. Previous owner put new slides on right before I bought it, so not sure how worn the other ones were...
  6. Jasonjmccoy

    How do I remove this bolt??

    that did it, thanks
  7. Jasonjmccoy

    How do I remove this bolt??

    Trying to remove the shaft that holds the front shock into the skid. One side the bolt comes out but the other side just spins. Tried re-installing the bolt and staying with the other side but no luck https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Q-585h2G4ZXNpS6kS9c-i7O7_h7p06x
  8. Jasonjmccoy

    Steering knuckle disassembly??

    Ok boys, what’s the trick to getting the tie rod ends unbolted from the steering spindle? I tried the hex key bolt on top and the nut underneath and neither will budge
  9. Jasonjmccoy

    What is rear bumper capacity?

    I installed one of the tow hitch bumpers that has reinforcing material that is riveted to the tunnel. I'm looking to put an ice auger carrier on it that simply uses U bolts to clamp the carrier to the rear bumper so that bumper is supporting all of the weight of the auger and the mount...
  10. Jasonjmccoy

    Question - Greasing Drive and Jack shaft bearing

    Quick question on greasing the driveshaft and jackshaft bearing. I've read all the write ups I can find, just never have done it before and don't want to end up with a mess. When removing the secondary, do you only have to loosen the center nut and leave the helix nuts alone? I assume it all...
  11. Jasonjmccoy

    XTX starting suspension settings

    Guy I got it from didn't have much to say, said his kid rode it most of the time. It was all set with everything on the heavy side, all compression dialed way to the right and the 3 position block set to Hard. I've taken it out a couple times now, biggest thing I've found is it's very hard to...
  12. Jasonjmccoy

    XTX starting suspension settings

    I have a 2012 XTX and looking for some recommendations as far as base suspension settings. I'm around 200# with gear and this is really my first sled (not counting an old Polaris that was beat to snot and I only used for ice fishing). I can't really say what my riding style is because I...
  13. Jasonjmccoy

    Anyone selling a MBRP Trail Can?

    Thanks, I ended up going back to a stock setup as I was trying to avoid dealing with the Wardens in the UP
  14. Jasonjmccoy

    Viper Rear Bumper Diameter

    Does anyone know off hand what the diameter of the Viper rear bumper is? I'm looking to buy a light duty tow hitch for my Nytro, but it's made specifically of the Viper so not sure if it'll work.
  15. Jasonjmccoy

    Stock muffler install question

    Thanks! I was trying to install the heat shield with the muffler already installed and I cant get it aligned on the bolts. Going to try pulling the muffler, installing the shield, and then reinstalling the muffler through the back of the shield
  16. Jasonjmccoy

    Stock muffler install question

    I’m a bit confused at how the stock muffler is installed. I assume the hanger bracket under the seat shield goes under the 2 mounting tabs so the bolts go through the rubber grommets and screw into the hanger, but it doesn’t seem like there’s enough room to get it properly aligned under those...
  17. Jasonjmccoy

    Looking for stock muffler

    Thanks guys, ended up finding one locally
  18. Jasonjmccoy

    Looking for stock muffler

    Well, after going in about 20 different directions trying to find a replacement exhaust, and trying to find one quiet enough that I don't have to fight with the DRN types, I've decided that going with a stock can is probably my best bet. Does anyone have one in decent shape they're looking to...