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  1. Norse

    Viper Turbo high exhaust temps

    Most 270 kits don't come with headers, but use the original manifold which tends to crack at the welds over time. With the original exhaust setup you shouldn't have afr issues. I recommend MCX steel exhaust side vent. I used plastic vents which melted.
  2. Norse

    Viper Turbo high exhaust temps

    Extractor exhaust?
  3. Norse

    Viper Turbo high exhaust temps

    My tank melted likely because the header shield had a crack. Got that welded together. I didn't get to try a turbo wrap before I sold it. I think it's better with a shield over it to let the turbo heat transfer. As long as you have an uncracked header shield you should be good. Sidewinder is...
  4. Norse

    Viper Turbo high exhaust temps

    Never got that afr gauge I ordered from MCX. Ended up grabbing my grinder and cutting a big hole in the aftermarket sidevent. My new Sidewinder has a heat shield over the turbo and a heat wrap hanging below that next to the exhaust can, works like a charm. Dealer told me the orange color is...
  5. Norse

    DIY headlight delete

    Did a quick test drive. The light is clearly brighter, but has less spread. The light image is sort of flat, but I do see the terrain better. I'm pretty comfortable using only this in the dark.
  6. Norse

    DIY headlight delete

    Bolted directly to the "windshield". Can barely even see it! Had to grind some cheap spade connectors to fit the original connector. I will test and post results later when it gets dark.
  7. Norse

    2018 SnoScoot clutch bolt

    On bigger sleds I usually lock the brake, then jam a key with adequate length between top of primary and center/bottom of secondary. Take care not to place it on sharp/weak parts. Not sure how the smaller ones look.
  8. Norse

    Getting rid of the roll over valve

    Left side would be a tight fit because of the secondary and guard. Right side has higher temps, I think the slush would drain out easier there.
  9. Norse

    Getting rid of the roll over valve

    I meant to say oil hose, not fuel hose! I installed a gas hose that withstands high temps and is made from a substance that works well for oil. I'm thinking the original ROV won't fail. Btw it took a lot of force to turn the hose connector towards exhaust but definitely possible.
  10. Norse

    Getting rid of the roll over valve

    Tired of getting oil in the intake, so I'm definitely bypassing it. But I will keep my heated ROV, since I'm actively throwing it around as a 2-stroke. If the hose before ROV freezes, then I'm deleting the ROV and installing a better oil tank seal. Turned the pipe towards exhaust side...
  11. Norse

    Sidewinder or something different.

    You don't see a lot of youtubers in the US/Canada on 4-stroke MTX's. It's way more popular here in Scandinavia. We don't get as much snow as you do, but on this side of the lake we would be happy to get stuck. I think most would pick a 2-stroke over an XTX for off-trail. But personally I...
  12. Norse

    DIY headlight delete

    I've ordered a Lazer Linear 6 Elite (500 gr), it has 4050lm and the spread/range ratio is good, not too focused. The OEM is too weak for me! I plan to mod this sled as far as I can afford, I already made a list of things I want to change :sled2:
  13. Norse

    DIY headlight delete

    People have been asking how to do a headlight delete on a Sidewinder/Viper. Here's how I did mine recently. This one has a 270 kit with cold air intake. It should be possible for stock ones too. I've made a similar solution on a Viper with the same kit. I took the hood off, then...
  14. Norse's Sidewinder

    Norse's Sidewinder

  15. New sledwrap!

    New sledwrap!

    After design is complete I will install it on my Sidewinder.
  16. Norse

    Anyone ride with goggles that dont fog?

    Lynx Radien magnet goggles. Never an issue with fog.
  17. Norse

    Vertical steering template

    Thanks! Looks like I need to drill a ~30mm hole, or just make a smaller extended circle.
  18. Norse

    Ascender covers/plastics

    Anyone who have installed ascender covers on their Sidewinders? I recently had an Alpha and really liked the narrow chassis, great for sidehilling/carving through the snow. I'm considering swapping out the covers, only thing holding me back is the gorgeous look of the Sidewinder.
  19. Norse

    Help with a 2020 sidewinder that won’t start

    Are you sure the battery is good? Try giving him a boost
  20. Norse

    Vertical steering template

    Can't really tell from the angle. Could you measure the distance viewed from the side? That would be really helpful