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SideWinder Ltx-le Trail Tamer

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  • Here's my idea of the ultimate SideWinder Trail Tamer....Please click on the "Mods" tab to check out the detailed descriptions of all of the mods to the sled!

    17.03.09_Mar-UP-Snowmobiling_541_094.JPG 17.03.09_Mar-UP-Snowmobiling_498_IMG_20170309_111241.JPG 17.03.10_Mar-UP-Snowmobiling_669_170.JPG 17.03.10_Mar-UP-Snowmobiling_653_IMG_20170310_120413.JPG 17.03.09_Mar-UP-Snowmobiling_593_107.JPG 17.03.09_Mar-UP-Snowmobiling_600_114.JPG 17.03.09_Mar-UP-Snowmobiling_590_104.JPG 17.03.09_Mar-UP-Snowmobiling_486_IMG_20170309_110913.JPG
  • -Custom graphics package designed by Blown Concepts
    -SLP Mohawk skis
    -Ulmer Clutch kit in primary-STM weights with low engagement spring
    -Racewerx front bumper and skid plate
    -Racewerx Quick Adjust Coupler Block in rear skid
    -Racewerx Seat Screw
    -Rox 6-8" Height Adjustable Handlebar Riser
    -Rox Rubberized Fabric Bar Pad
    -Rox Design Your Own Flex Tech Handguards
    -Rox 5" Running Board Grip Strips
    -Rox Front Number Plate
    -Custom Axis shocks on front and rear suspensions from Hygear Suspension
    -Hygear Suspension lighter rate rear torsion springs in skid
    -45" wide stance A-arms by Z-Broz
    -Custom black powder coated A-arms, spindles, front shock springs and skid rails done by Race Coatings
    -J&T 4 wheel axle kit
    -Camso 1.5" lug Ripsaw 2 track
    -Dupont hyfax
    -Yamaha tether switch
    -Removed the red color from the rear panels on the stock seat and changed to black
    -AC Footrest Gussets
    -A few more to come in the upcoming season.
    -Thanks for looking!
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