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  1. PAvector

    No start after a clubhouse break

    Started at zero out. Went for a 15mile ride to a clubhouse, then no start leaving. Cranked, heard the fuel pump running and had dash light up but no start. The kill switch was in the proper position. I repetitively turned on the key and kill switch, then started. What relay froze? Last time I...
  2. mpbrix92

    Relay Help

    i know this has been gone over a few times but I got the red ssr last night can anyone take a pic of where it is in the sled idk can’t seem to locate with the diagram but I might just be a dumbass. Also don’t know if this is truely the root of my problem but most cold mornings the fuel pump...
  3. SUC_doo

    Starter relay

    Hello, my sled would not start today just made clicking noise. I removed the starter relay to inspect and clean. The top of the starter realy(part that holds fuses) will come off the starter relay. Are they supposed to come apart like this?
  4. R

    RX-1 McXpress trouble

    Hello I just picked up an 03 RX-1 With an McXpress turbo kit on it. I am having fueling issues (not enough) and tore into it to find the problem. Ends up the 30A fuse for the electric fuel pump was burnt. I installed a new fuse and burnt it as I pluged it in. I believe the wires going to the...