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2005 Drag Racing Championships

Discussion in 'Yamaha Hot Topics' started by MrSled, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. MrSled

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    Schofield, WI
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    Yamaha 4-stroke power delivers 2005 Drag Racing Championships.


    Yamaha’s high performance engine platforms claimed season-end points championships in major grass drag racing circuits across the nation, proving that they are the 4-stroke performance leaders in the sport.
    The all-new Apex, with its fuel-injected powerplant propelled Team Yamaha to stock class titles in the SDSDRA and the NEGDS. Additionally, the RX-1 continued its winning ways with a championship in the NSRA.
    In its sophomore season, the Genesisâ„¢ 120 engine, whether housed in Nytro or RS Vector trim, tallied five stock class championships in the major circuits.
    Aside from stock class titles, Yamaha drag racers also set a pair of new records. John Wheelock set a new grass drag record of 4.073 secs in 500 feet at the COSDRA Top Gun Shootout. Team Simon’s CPR’s modified RX-1 became the first snowmobile ever to break into the seven-second club with an incredible 1/4-mile asphalt record of 7.97 seconds at 170 mph.
    When Team Yamaha pulls up to race, they win championships and set records. Score eight class titles in the major circuits and two performance records for Yamaha 4-stroke power!

    Congratulations to our 2005 Champions!
    Apex/RX-1 Stock Championships
    Allen Ulmer, SDSDRA
    Greg Omasta, NEGDS
    Randy Stodola, NSRA

    Nytro/RS Vector Stock Championships
    Allen Ulmer, SDSDRA (2 classes)
    Greg Omasta, NEGDS
    Jerry Fix, PSGDRA
    Pat Hauck, NSRA

    Season Highlights
    NSRA Tri-State Triple Crown Championship Pat Hauck
    NSRA Wisconsin Cup Winner Pat Hauck
    NSRA Overall Driver of the Year Pat Hauck
    Hay Days Stock class victory Jerry Fix (Nytro)
    Hay Days Open mod, Heavy Mod victories John Wheelock (Modified RX-1)
    New Grass Drag Record (500 ft in 4.073 sec.) John Wheelock (Modified RX-1)
    1/4-mile Track Record (7.97 sec. @ 170 mph) Team Simon’s CPR (Modified RX-1)

    Caption 1:
    Jerry Fix won a hard-fought stock class victory at Hay Days on his Nytro.
    Caption 2:
    Pat Hauck won high points championships and a trophy cases’ worth of individual honors on the NSRA circuit.
    Caption 3:
    Team Simon's CPR set a quarter-mile record on the asphalt with a modified RX-1 4-stroke. It ran 170 mph in 7.97 seconds!

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