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2007 RS Venture - Replace rear shock and new torsion springs

Discussion in 'Suspension - Stock' started by Yooper_Bob, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Yooper_Bob

    Yooper_Bob Expert

    Marquette, MI
    Finally dug the Venture out of the corner of the garage after a 2 year hiatus (wife had health issues that prevented her from riding), and went for an inaugural ride last Sunday afternoon with my 14 year older daughter.

    Sled ran great with one exception. The rear suspension was bottoming out on even the smallest of bumps. I had the rear suspension set to the firmest settings.

    I am a big guy...probably close to #300 fully geared up, and my daughter is also very tall...we are easily over #450 combined. In the past, my wife and I have ridden together (with a similar combined weight), and I never experienced any suspension issues.

    I am wondering if possibly the rear shock is blown?

    Although the sled is 10 years old, it has less than 4K miles on it. I checked the shock, and don't seen any signs of fluid leakage.

    I also see that Yamaha offers a set of heavier rear torsion springs for the venture, and since my kid is not getting any littler, I figured putting a set of those in would be a good idea.

    Two questions:

    1. Can I replace the rear shock without removing the rear skid?

    2. Can I replace the rear torsion springs without removing the rear skid?

  3. baggs66

    baggs66 VIP Member VIP Member

    chautuaqua co. n.y.
    06 apex gt
    I think you can replace shock but you have to at least drop rear bolts to change springs, have to pull top wheels to do so. I upgraded my dads 05 to the gt gas shocks and they rode firmer but worked better for me and also put on 4 position spring adjuster and left springs stock
  4. Wags

    Wags Newbie

    2008 RS Venture GT
    2008 Venture Lite
    Check the limiter straps, those dam little rodents love to chew thru them.

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