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2011 Apex Reverse Issue


Oct 21, 2021
2011 Apex XTX
I have a 2011 Apex XTX. I find it almost uncontrollable when backing up. I've owned it for a couple of years and have no idea if the previous owner made any changes to the clutch but when reversing, even with the ski dolly wheel down, the track spins wildly tearing up my asphalt driveway or any other surface I happen to be on. Is this just the nature of the beast or am I the only one having this issue? Would love to be able to back this into my garage with some sense of control or even better into my trailer but I don't see that happening. My belt is new and I checked my chain tension and found it to be correct. Any ideas?

I suspect the previous owner installed an aftermarket clutch kit that might have came with a higher RPM engagement primary spring and hence why it's spinning track. I know Travis at Barn of Parts offers a lower engaging spring:

from what i remeber when i got my 2011 xtx, it was very abrupt with its clutch engagement as i got stuck on the 1st snow fall on lake ice about 6 times in a couple of hours when i 1st got it. i never run studs, so the ability to crawl the sled is important to me and how i ride. i know the 16 apex xtx was much better at crawling than 11 out of the box. both my sleds are clutched now so that i can tree pick at 5mph or less at will but that costs me 5-10 miles of fuel range at higher speed running. makes them snappy as heck corner to corner though.
i assume its studded. If the studs are tall its nearly impossible to move or back up on concrete or asphalt without spinning and causing damage. I totally agree with Rob X also.
Yes it’s definitely studded. I am curious about the primary spring. Not sure if it’s stock or not. Anyone have an idea on how to identify if it’s a stock spring or not? I may follow Rob-X’s advice and try that soft start spring.
It may just need to be disassembled and cleaned. If it is sticking, it will cause a higher than normal engagement.