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2012 RS Vector Secondary clutch shaft washer placement.


Feb 14, 2022
Northern Maine
2012 RS Vector
I have a new to me 2012 RS Vector and today I removed the secondary clutch to clean it and I was suprised to find that all of the shaft spacing washers were on the bolt head side of the clutch. There are (3) 1mm thick washers and (1) 0.5 mm thick washer. When I look at the parts diagram it shows 2 washers on the engine side of the clutch and 1 on the bolt head side. I did not check the offset before removing the clutch. Thoughts???

I’m guessing someone put it together wrong, my 09 vector has two on the back side and two on the front side of the secondary clutch.
Thanks for the info. I'm going to put it on this morning the way it was, check the offset and make adjustments from there.
So, it turns out without any washers on the engine side its at about 14.8 mm's offset. I think I'm going to flip the 0.5 mm washer from the front side giving me about 15.3 mm's offset unless some advises otherwise.
Scratch that, none of the washers were large engough to fit on the engine side so for now it's staying the way I found it.