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2018 Sidewinder LTX-LE for sale


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Apr 30, 2012
Ottawa Lake MI
2018 Sidewinder LTX LE, blue
2011 Apex 128, Ulmer Airbox and clutch kit, PCV, HID
1980 Exciter 300
2018 Sidewinder LTX-LE for sale, excellent condition, original owner, 6,787 miles, all UP miles, TD Stock muffler tunes with Juke box / flasher (230, 250, 260) - switch between these tunes using your phone, meticulous dealer maintained, silicone charge tubes, UP Linx bracket, JT Big Wheel kit, knee pads, heated seat, powermadd hand guards with lights and mirrors, blue rear flap, tunnel flares, high windshield and original low windshield, heated shield plug, hygear twisted torsion spring (set up for a 170 lb rider), also have original torsion springs, original tuner skis, TD Cold Air intake + original air box, Supertip clutch arms.

NOTES: I ran a 1.6 Ice Cobra on this since day one. And it needs replaced. I have a new 1.25 ripsaw take off that I will have in December and will have my dealer install this. If this is not the track you want and/or are willing to install the track yourself, we can negotiate that.

This is the sled to have with the QS3r's! Buy this for less than half the price of a new one! You may not find a cleaner 2018 SW. Sled currently near Toledo, OH however will be in lower upper MI in December so the dealer can install the track. $10,400 OBO


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