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apex track tension with pioneer wheel lowering kit?

Discussion in 'Apex General Talk' started by almond1000, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. almond1000

    almond1000 Pro

    North Fond du lac, Wi.
    Just put the pioneer spacer kit in which lowers the 6 idler wheels on my 11 apex and in my 11 vector. Did new slides in both sleds as well. Just wondering if anyone is using this kit and what they are running for track tension. Both sleds are the mono shock skids. Apex 128 and vector 121. I sucked the limiter straps up and put wheel kits in hoping to get some life out of the slides. First set lasted 840 miles on apex and 875 miles on vector. Slides were through in the front before the wheels. I run 153 studs in apex and 120 studs in vector. The straps were pulled tighter the day i bought them. The wheel kits added tonight. So just curious where to start with track tension. Thanks everbody
  3. ranger1

    ranger1 TY 4 Stroke Guru

    Northern Ontario, Canada
    I have the larger wheels which would probably = the same as your lowering kit, I kept the track tension the same as it was.
  4. snowbiscuit

    snowbiscuit Expert

    southern mn
    I have PP kit on SE... set at what Yamaha recommends and forget about replacing slides
  5. sgauthier

    sgauthier TY 4 Stroke Junkie

    southwest, Ontario
    i've got the 6 oversize lower idlers on my XTX as well as 2 sets of marginal wheels. Yesterday i was going over my sled before my up coming week trip so i measured my slides and i've only used 1mm in 2000KM. wow what a difference from before these wheels. Only got 1000km before. i set my track to stock tension then backed it off a little. it does have some sag when it's up but not loose enough to hit the exhaust. they should come stock with these wheels.

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