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Best place to get replacement bushings?

Discussion in 'Suspension - Stock' started by rx1007, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. rx1007

    rx1007 Extreme

    Hagaman N.Y.
    I'm looking to replace all of the front end bushings in my 03 rx1 and 04 warrior. I believe there is 24 total per sled. Inner,outer,upper and lower a-arms. I purchased a "kit" from pioneer quite a while ago but they are no longer. Correct? Does anyone else sell these complete kits? I also thought someone made a kit of brass or bronze bushings for the front ends. Is this true? I'm also looking for a complete copper exhaust donut sets. And the gaskets between the( 4 into 2 ) pipes and the muffler pipe. I'm looking to order these ASAP. And I don't want to go to my local dealer because they are thieves! I will post all of the OEM numbers I need unless someone tells me there is a kit available. Please help! Thanks for an awesome site!!!!
  3. maim

    maim Moderator Staff Member Moderator Lifetime VIP Member VIP Member

    sudbury on
    2016 apex xtx/ 2011 apex xtx/ 2009 phaser rtx/x/ 1997 et410t/r
    oillite bushings are what you want and they are availible from yamaha now but there was an exception for the 03 rx for the upper a arm bushings if i remeber. site vendors sell the copper donuts and a arm bushing kits like ulmer, barn of parts and sledtoyz. there are a few yamaha dealers that advertize on the site that would be willing to ship you the parts as well.

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