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Clean your belly pan and aluminum parts

Discussion in 'Thunder Products Inc.' started by Thunder Products, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Thunder Products

    Thunder Products Making your sled the best! Advertiser Vendor

    Cedarville, MI
    Yamaha, Polaris, AC and Ski-Doo
    Cedarville, MI
    Thunder Products Clutching has some Belly Pan cleaner and degreaser, along with Aluma Kleen

    The Belly Pan cleaner and degreaser will get rid of black streaks, clutch belt dust and other oil and grease buildup. Cleans without harming plastic, paint or decals.

    The Aluma Kleen removes discoloration, oxidation, salt and corrosion from tunnels and aluminum components on your sled, trailer and vehicles.

    These cleaners were introduced to Thunder Products Clutching at the snow shows this fall and truly made believers out of us!

    Thunder Products Clutching is selling these 16 oz. bottles for $8.95 each.


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