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Curve Equipped Watercross Racers DOMINATE

Discussion in 'Curve Industries' started by Curve Industries, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Curve Industries

    Curve Industries Advertiser Advertiser VIP Member

    Waterville, NY
    Curve watercross racers have been on the warpath in 2014 sweeping the Pro Open and Semi Pro Open classes in the IWA along with the Pro and Semi Pro classes in the EWA. Pro Riders Joey Strub, Brian McCurdy and Eric Leinbach were nearly unbeaten for the past two consecutive weekends in both circuits. All while Semi Pro riders Austin McCurdy and Derek Leinbach pulled consecutive first place finishes right behind them.

    IWA Pro Open riders Joey Strub and Brian McCurdy have shared the number one spot for both weekends at Moose Lake and BIR. Strub was 1st while McCurdy pulled a 2nd at Moose Lake and then the tables turned as McCurdy grabbed a 1st and Strub secured 2nd at BIR. Action packed is an understatement!
    The Curve Advantage isn't limited to snow - watercross racers are stacking up to make the switch and the results speak for themselves!




    - Sean

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