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First ride on the 2018 MTX 162",review & ski`s & suspension questions

Discussion in 'SideWinder Mountain Talk' started by kimoajaj, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. kimoajaj

    kimoajaj Expert

    Hi guys!

    Friday I picked up my 2018 (brand new leftover) Sidewinder MTX 162 LE.
    When I got home I installed the MCX race muffler, MCX out of the hood air intake, tether switch (oem), green arctic cat primary spring, drilled out the oem "rivets" in the weights and installed some "rivets" that I got from my dealer (forgot to ask how heavy they were) in the heel part of the weight.
    Also installed a green Arctic cat spring in the secondary and a modshop helix (angle wasn`t marked on the helix, can figure this out if somebody wants to know).

    (later this week I will be going back to my dealer to get the Hurricane 270 flash, MCX silicone hoses, speed tech magnet weights for the primary and a Hurricane turbo smart blow off valve) (they didn't have the parts in house wen I picked up the sled).

    For those who wonder I came from a 2010 Nytro MTX 162" MCX 190 / Skinz and a lot of other mods.

    Yesterday I went on my first ride. Man what a machine! I am totally stunned by the power of the engine, it totally rips and actually makes we think "what the heck should I do with more power" haha. The sound is freakin awesome, I didn`t think the sounds would be that violent as on the Nytro with the bigger MCX turbo but man I am totally stunned, having the air intake so close is just amazing, I love it !
    It`s anawesome machine and works like a dream when climbing, but I do have some questions about the "general" handling.

    I havent checked air pressure in the shocks since it left the dealer. Both front shocks on the softest, center shock on softest and rear shock on medium. Skis in the most narrow position.

    I am used to having the throttle pinned when doing donuts/up hill turn on the Nytro, when I throw the SW over to do a up hill turn (going down a hill and then turn around) with full throttle it kind gets too violent, I actually have to reduce the throttle a little, that`s something new!

    Another thing I noticed is that if you are too aggressive when doing donuts the sled tips over and looses forward momentum, that was kind of annoying, and tips over.(was about 40-50cm with powder and hard packed snow under). I know the sled is made for the deep deep powder but that`s not the case all the time.

    But, being lighter on the throttle seemed to reduce the "tipping" over tendency.

    When going straight forward and initiating a turn, the sled wants to just push the skis forward not making any steering action. On the trail it`s not that bad but it annoyed me off trail. Even when leaning to the side I had a hard time getting the skis to grab. (the Nytro had the "bent" skid at the end of the rail so I figure this reduced that phenomena?)

    I have a feeling the stock skis suck? I don`t think the skis are good for boondocking/sidehilling either.
    Seems like the sled is very unstable under / over the balance point when carving.
    That being said I might be a jerk saying this since I haven`t even check the air pressure in the shocks.

    What skis and carbides are you guys running?

    I have a good feel for the SLP Powder pro, any opinions?

    I also think the seat is a little too high and the handlebar a little to low?

    For the record I am 182cm tall and 77kg.

    Can anyone confirm that the stock skis aren`t the best?

    Gees I write way to much, should just ask simple questions instead:D

    A little shot from today.

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  3. loudelectronics

    loudelectronics TY 4 Stroke Guru

    Souris, Manitoba
    I have had the nytro mtx and viper mtx. I am now on a Sidewinder mtx 153. All my other sleds have been 162. I think a lot of what you are feeling is a difference in chassis. I hated my viper when I first got it being used to a nytro. Can't go back to a nytro now. Seems like you made a ton of changes with out trying it. Stock these things are fantastic out of the box. Clutching is spot on. Like you I had plans of more power. However I am finding the stock tune to be plenty and have yet to run out of sled. Run out of talent long before power.

    I found with the sidewinder that I struggled side hilling. I did not ha e this issue on my viper. It did what I wanted it to do. I feel the vertical steering was key. That said after some time on the Winder I am much more capable and get stuck much less than I ever have. The sled climbs out and gets on top no questions asked.

    I have been running powder pros for 5 years and yamaha mtx skis before that. Both very similar. I find stock skis work fine on winder but do not turn as well as the old mtx or powder pros. Still going to keep them.

    For suspension I try to shoot for 3/4" sag on front shocks and 3" sag on rear skid. Unless you have scales to measure, which I do, I get 55% of sled weight to skid. Makes a very light handling sled.

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