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Gauge intermittent failure


TY 4 Stroke Junkie
Apr 13, 2015
2015 SR Viper LTX SE
Good day all,

I have a 2012 vector with a flakey Guage. when it isn't working, there is no backlight, display or movement of the tachometer. Everything else works and runs as expected. The tail light and head lights are working as expected.

I swapped the Guage into an apex and it worked fine. When I reinstalled it in the vector, still won't turn on. I also checked the zenier diodes on the gauge circuit board per another post I found here and they checked out. So I don't think it is fuse or the gauge itself.

I've unplugged and reinstalled the wiring harness that goes from the back of the gauge. I pulled and reinstalled the relays multiple times. Tapping on them made the Guage come to life once however I believe it was a fluke. While the Guage was working, I individually pulled all four relays and could get the display to fail.

I've pulled the computer connectors and reinstalled. I've shaken the harnesses I can reach. No luck.

It's acting like a bad ground or a bad connection, but I don't know where to look beyond what I've stated. Advice, experience and expertise is welcomed!

Thanks in advance!