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Going from M8000 to Viper MTX (What to look out for from 2 stroke to 4 stroke)


Oct 22, 2021
2015 Yamaha Viper MT-X 162

New to this site, and to sledding.

I am on my 2nd year of sledding, I know the basics for maintenance and how to handle a 2 stroke sled.

With going from that to a 4 stroke sled is there anything I should keep an eye out for?
Anything I should do differently if the sled flips other than to just flip it back over and go?
Anything to be aware of with the MPI Turbo or maintenance required for it?

Honestly any input on those things or anything to keep eye out for on the Viper in particular would be much appreciated.

2015 M8000 154 LTD to 2015 Viper MT-X 162 MPI Turbo


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Welcome to TY.
I would encourage you to see the frequently asked questions and issues on the Sidewinder forum.

BUT you must understand this place is populated by perfectionists who upgrade nearly everything to the absolute best. Most of us read and learn. I ride mostly STOCK sleds as do most and have great trouble free seasons….the % listed there are ridiculous as most stock sleds do well- not saying the troubles aren’t real they just are highly represented here because of the nature of numbers and the internet. Meaning if we hear of a complaint/ problem and then 4-6 other guys chime in ‘ya me to’ all of a sudden I/we think they ALL the sleds will have this issue. We forget there are thousands of sleds and hundreds of posters and 4-6 me to-ers. So Read learn and have fun knowing MOST sleds stock are doing great, but be informed what to watch for if you and your sled have an issue.

I have no personal experience with turbo 4 strokes so will leave those recommendations to others who know.


Jan 1, 2019
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Welcome to TY!

You've chosen a very reliable machine, but you will get a lot of help on this forum if you run into issues.

Most important step: let the sled heat up properly before driving, and drive slowly and let it cool down before hitting kill switch.

Keep an eye on the boost gauge, if the pressure is not right you may have a problem. E.g. a leak somewhere.

Run the recommended fuel, and use Yamaha products when doing maintenance, should be done at least every season. Check the turbo intake side to see if compressor wheel is loose every now and then. Use the manual when it comes to maintenance, but oil levels may vary.

Personally I would stop the engine immediately if it flips, a tether switch is a very good choice. Once flipped back, let it sit for a while, then start the engine, let it run for a few seconds, then stop. You may get oil into the intake and lose some boost pressure, but there are fixes for it in the forums.

And obviously, keep an eye out for 2-strokes in the intake.