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Grinding sound?

Discussion in 'FX Nytro General Talk' started by 08nytro136, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. 08nytro136

    08nytro136 Newbie

    Grinding sound coming from I think the clutch side while riding in deep powder at speeds between 60-75, I adjusted the chain not to long ago to tighten it, but I put it back to normal because it wasn't running right and was giving me a whistling sound at higher speeds, the whistling sound is gone but now this sound appeared. Can't figure out what it is :o|
  3. poor farmer/logger

    poor farmer/logger Expert

    Did you check your bearings?
  4. nate007

    nate007 Moderator Staff Member Moderator Lifetime VIP Member VIP Member

    Iowa City, Iowa
    1. '06 Apex -twin screw
    2. '04 Redline Revolt 800
    3. '09 Nytro XTX - twin screw
    Please add your location to your site profile, thanks.

    You said when riding in deep powder, have you checked your track tensionas well? If the track ratchets it will make a heck of grinding sound, and if it's too loose it may make that whirring noise at high speeds as well, simply by the way it's making contact with the drivers. This can be especially likely if you're running stock drivers, and a longer track will ratchet easier than a shorty in deep powder.

    Also like poorfarmer/logger said, check your bearings, especially the driveshaft bearing on the chaincase side.
    Also pull the chaincase dipstick and look for metal fragments. You will likely see some sparkles in the oil, but shouldn't see anything big enough to make out it's shape, if that makes sense?I'd hesitate to say nothing bigger than a grain of sand or salt or something, but I'd open the chain case up if there's anything big enough to actually see what shape the metal fragment is.
    If you do, it's likely that it's a bearing going out and the metal is part of the draveshaft, so check for any oil leaking out of the chaincase from the tunnel side.
  5. 08nytro136

    08nytro136 Newbie

    Just wondering, I do have oil leaking but I haven't determined where so I'm think it is a bearing, just wondering but how hard is it to replace this bearing? Thanks for all the help

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