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Having your cake & eating it 2

Dec 7, 2021
South Dakota
2021 riot 9000 & 2017 sw rtx
Two things with this post, first cheap traction on slippery conditions, with warmer weather comming we will encounter melting snow and icy conditions, i have found this works well for adding grip, not tons like studs, but enought to install confidence. Get some #6 or #8 hex head sheet metal screws from your local hardware store and install into the top of track lugs, i run half to three quarter inch lenght, less than 20 bucks for 200 pcs! Second subject now easy clutch tuning with 240hp and 270hp, i run my sled in the black hills of s.d. elevation of 5000 to 7000 feet, these tunes are hurricane ss pm high elevation 240&270. Have my clutchs setup for the 270hp tune, apex primary with heavy hitters, tp orange pri spring, glide washers, secondary 39/35 helix with epi purple spring 9&1, ultimax 825 belt, 58mm offset, 22/41 gearing, this combo nets me 8900 to 8950 rpm. Now drop the hp to 240 and the real fun factor is gone! Or is it? no 8jp belt to the rescue!!! slide the 8jp belt on and the rpms are back 8900 bang on, and the fun factor returns, my spare is the cheap 8jp, i like running the 240hp as much as possible so i dont get used to 270hp and wanting more, this way it keeps it fun a blue tooth away!!


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