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How about a positive " I love my Sidewinder thread".


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Nov 12, 2005
Val Caron, Ontario
2017 Sidewinder XTX LE 137
I think I need to take a break from TY! I work in a mining camp and am not much for social media however I always look forward to ending the day and logging in here. It seems that most of the chatter is negatives about one thing or the other. Yup I've blown a few belts. I've stripped and snapped exhaust bolts but fixed them and moved on. That's about it, no other issues aside from normal wear and tear. 6000 Kms mostly all with 265+ hp.

I absolutely love my sidewinder! I find myself at least once a day going into the shop and just staring at my sled and dreaming of how I can squeak more mph out of her next year.

We own the most powerful sled ever built! The best looking sled ever built! The best riding sled ever built!

We can make a 130 mph pass down the track then carry on down the lake and trail ride all day on pump gas. All the while with the sled in full trail mode. What more can you ask for!

Who else feels the same way I do?
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I am with you and I love my Winder.. wanted to get another one this year but cant swing it.. stupid me getting married again but she is my ultimate riding partner. We have 3600 miles on our 17 and only blew one belt but I was pushing it at 1900 miles on that belt. I have the sled dialed in perfect for me. Actually my Fiance logged the last 400 miles it and would not give it back..LOL
I only have 508 miles on my Winder before I wrecked it. I can't say enough about this sled. Can't wait until all of my parts arrive and my new blue panels. Coming from a 17 switchback assault 800 I can say with no doubt the SW rides like a dream in comparison. The power is so smoothe and just never stops! I miss the skis in the air 3' when I pin it but all of the other things I love over come that. The sled is also pretty tough , I did $3,500 in damage hitting a metal stake and just the parts only cost me $800. Most sleds would have folded and been a total loss.
What a great idea! And I totally agree. This sled is SO much fun, it always puts a huge smile on my face when riding it. The belts I've been through are totally worth it to me and one of the less expensive things I've added :)

I haven't been "into" a vehicle like this since I used to drag race a 5.0 back in the 90's. The aftermarket parts and performance available for us is astounding after only 2 seasons and NO other sled is so easy to make this kind of power. Let's be honest, the performance of this sled was unthinkable in a very reliable trail sled (yes, it really is a reliable sled in the grand scheme) just a few years ago. It handles well, gets good mileage, the acceleration stretches your arms and it takes the bumps well.

I didn't even hesitate for one moment when I totaled my '17 RTX, I knew I needed another one ASAP before they weren't available (I prefer the blue and white and don't love any of the '19s). I've already started modifying my '18 to be even better than my '17 was and it's Spring! At this time of year the last thing I'd usually be thinking about is getting in the garage and tinkering with a sled, I'm usually focused on shooting, backpacking, camping and kayaking and none of that has been dusted off yet.

I love my Sidewinder!
Yep, Love mine too. Smooth, fast, great handling, takes the bumps better then anything I have ever owned, plus the 998 turbo monster is the best package for pure power on the market. And if that isn’t enough power for you, just add some with a tune! Very cool.
Very satisfied with my 2017 Rtx collector. Without a doubt best motor on the market. 122mph bone stock with higher capabilities easily achieved. No reason to to look for anything else. Best upgrade from my 2014 Viper
Yes I have to agree,best sled I have ever had,and I bought my first sled in 70 a left over 69 rupp,man I have had a lot of sleds,none have come close to this even when it was stock,well ok,i only drove it stock on the grass,at 400-500 ft to a time. Crashed the sled,at 9 miles,and started to rebuild her,better,stronger,faster,sound familiar,ok not 6 million yet lol,but one heck of a lot of fun. 2017 was a bad year for sled and myself,but I did get 70 miles on my sons LTX-SE all stock,but I kinda forgot what stock felt like once I rode this modded out. Rides good,handles great,and power all bad to the bone. So far 3700 miles and only one blown belt,i am good with that,hope I can say that at end of 18/19 when I turn it up more.
Thanks for posting this DMCTURBO, I just bought a 17 LTX LE and was having second thoughts after hearing all the doom and gloom! I just started doing all the updates with cross shafts, the roll over valve , belly pan protector,etc.Glad to hear there is hope and that people really do enjoy these. Thanks Ty Yamaha!!
I put 2400 miles of smiles on my 18 winder this past season. Sled was flawless all on the original belt. The suspension is outstanding handling any bump it encountered. I put curve skis on her with bergstrom triple points and she carved up the twisty's with ease and no darting. The only negative I can think of is the rider himself, you see this sled has so much power that if your not 100% focused 100% of the time curves do come up on you awfully fast. On more than one occasion I've had to say to myself "self, you need to focus." Is that really a negative?
I have had few issues with my Winder and feel it rides and handles awesome. Coming on TY every day and reading all the problems and potential issues ruined my ownership experience this past season. I found that I was always looking for problems to occur and they never did. I know if I was looking into buying a Winder and came on this site for info I wouldn't walk away I would run. I feel the majority of Winder owners have had no issues but the posts on here tell another story.

I really want to keep my Winder for next year but that decision hasn't been decided just yet.
Love mine. Got 1800 on it this year with only a couple minor problems. Original belt is still fine. After owing a venture, vector and apex the winder is the best of the batch though I still have the apex for backup. Two buddies have them also, one a 17 one an 18 and they did over 3,000 trouble free miles this year. Great sleds.