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Last trip of the season for me.


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Jan 13, 2005
Long Island, NY
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Went to RDL, on the Gaspe Peninsula, rode Sunday thru Tuesday. Trails were great, each day got thinner around town and hotel. Got 660 miles in 3 days.
I could not have done the trip without ice scratchers. Trails hard in the morning, then soft but thin over base.
We trailered to St. Raymond Wednesday to meet up with 4 friends. Thursday morning went to L'Etape for fuel, Mount Apica for lunch, then to the Delta in Saguenay.
trails were great, but thin to the Delta, last few miles. Left Friday morning, had lunch at KM31 up in Mount Valin, played some on the power lines, then down over the mountain to Tadoussac and took the ferry across the Saguenay River. A few miles of pavement, dirt, rocks, and mud. Trails good again from the ferry down to LaMalbaie to the casino. Left the casino Saturday morning to go back to St. Raymond, had to detour back to L'Etape due to trail closings. Pretty much everything above 1000 feet was great, everything below, mush, thin, rocks, mud, water. Carbides and sliders took a beating. Interesting least amount of snow I have seen at Mount Valin. All in all great trip, great ride, great crew. (6 of us) I got to do 3 trips to Canada this year for over 3k of riding.


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