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Lazy on bottom end


TY 4 Stroke Junkie
Dec 10, 2008
Bedford NS Canada
2017 Sidewinder RTX
I have a 2017 Rtx with a Hurricane SM 270 tune. Qay70 Dalton weights loaded, stock helix and secondary spring. The sled is real lazy bottom end. A stock winder has more snap. I realize there is some turbo lag but to me just doesn’t feel right. I’m seeing 14-17psi for boost. Anything I can do or should look at? Maybe reduce clutch weight?

Lighter weights on heels and clean clutches should do the trick!
Thanks. Maybe Daltons carry a lot of heal weight? Any recommendations on a better weight?
Don't know much about clutching, really. I just removed the heel weights on my BDX weights and it was a perfect fit to my slightly bigger turbo. But because of a reflash that was supposed to help my Viper start easier, it can now drive on its own right after startup (rarely). So I think I'll put very light weights on the heels. I assume your weights are "adjustable" - someone can probably chime in on this, but testing for yourself is pretty easy.
Need a little more info for anybody to help. What belt are you running? What are your rpms?
When you punch it ,it should go to the rpm’s max for that tune, need more info, could be heavy weights, helix. Start empty,
Last yr I ran qay70s 74.5g set screws bottom out to tip.
Powertrail, trail muffler, stock airbox, stock springs and stock 35 helix. Xs825 belt
Need a little more info for anybody to help. What belt are you running? What are your rpms?
Running the stock belt. I’ll check rpm tomorrow. Works fine when my speed and rpm’s are up. It’s when I’m cruising along at 20-30mph. Just has no snap at all. It seems very slow to build power.
EPI purple secondary spring at 0-1 or equivalent, or you have a boost leak possibly. Sled should be an animal from a 20-30 roll. That’s the best speed for my RTX to hit from.