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Looking for a 1" ripsaw off of a SRX.


TY 4 Stroke God
Feb 7, 2005
Ontario. Canada
Current 2020 ThunderCat. - SOLD!
I am looking for a 1" x 15" x 137", 286 Pitch. Preferably off a new sled. Let me know what you have.

I'll have one in a couple months from a 2024 SRX with zero miles.
ok, let me know when you get it. When is your sled scheduled to come in. How much are you thinking? My sled comes in the first week on Nov.
$450 plus shipping. I just noticed you are from Canada.....not sure what the shipping will be???
I live on a border town, so you could ship it to this Michigan address, Sault Ste. Marie, 605 Ridge St, 49783, Michigan.
Ok, I'll keep you posted.
I have one as well 3 studs per bar with Star Stud backers less than 1000 miles. Track is in excellent shape. Some studs would need replaced. Carbides tips broke off.