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Midrange flat on winder???


Jan 8, 2022
1191 Sauk Lane , Saginaw, Mi. 48638
2006 Apex , 2017 Sidewinder LTX -LE
Just picked up a stock 2017 Ltx Le and low end is strong, mid range seems flat, and did not get a chance to run it upstairs… Machine to my limited knowledge is stock and has 430 miles on it… I see where Yamaha has offered a Clutch update in the past rivets, spring and Helix but no longer available.. Question I have is this ??? Open to recommendations on this machine working with the knowledge of others who already been down this road…. Yes Iam aware that a tune is cheap and that may best way to go but not before we get all the cat DNA taken care of and become satisfied with stock tuning … Thank you guys inadvance of any replies and I respect the same ..

Being a 2017 I would take a look at the secondary clutch rollers to make sure there is no flat spots. Yamaha updated these rollers but not sure if the previous owner had installed updated rollers. Any clutching imperfections can have effect on shift out and how the clutch responds to your thumb input. A boost leak tester can be made for pretty cheap and if you do a search youll get some ideas on how to fab one up. Always good to do periodically with a turbo engine. While in stock form boost leaks are less common due to minimal boost psi going through the system they do still happen. One of the members on here was on a dyno with new sled before tuning and he was down 20-25hp due to boost leaks……..some loose clamps and I believe a defective blow off valve.
I will check the rollers and that would be great to make a boost tester and have on hand when needed…. I will research it right away… Thank you for your help …
Make sure you have help. Never allow engine to rotate backwards (compared to normal rotation on clutch side which is counter clockwise). As you apply air pressure to tester, air pressure will cause engine to want to turn. Make sure it does not turn backwards.
I think I will order one of these after I get the size needed.. not saving much making your own by the looks of it…. Thank You for the link

Arounf 15$Canadian at most to make your own and very simple
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Is that a old paint gun you used to make that ?? Nice… My problem is Iam 230 miles from my home garage where making one no problem, and a hour from a town that would have supplies needed to fab one up so at $36.00 no biggie to order …. Thank You for sharing a pic of yours….