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Discussion in 'Engine & Clutching' started by Toominibkes, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Toominibkes

    Toominibkes Newbie

    2008 Nytro has dead misfire on center cylinder. I have used the onboard diagnostic tool coil fires as it should, I can hear the fuel injector fire like it should. It is always the center cylinder, swapped the coil still middle cylinder. I have not taken the injector out to check it. I am thinking about running some sea foam and some new gas. Just have not had enough snow to ride this thing the past 2 years so I am thinking blocked injector. Anyone else had an issue like this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I should mention it started after storage.

  3. 74Nitro

    74Nitro VIP Member VIP Member

    Dublin Ontario
    2019 Sidewinder LTX
    There was a recent thread here, same problem. Was a wire rubbing on frame somewhere.
  4. Toominibkes

    Toominibkes Newbie

    Got to work in my Nytro. After checking all the wiring and replacing plugs again still missed. I put some Sea foam and some fresh fuel in tank. Let it idle for about 20 minutes and it started to clear up. Rode it for an hour still little lean at idle but runs great other then that

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