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New event in MN held Hay Days weekend

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by VX1R, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. VX1R

    VX1R Lifetime Member Lifetime VIP Member VIP Member

    Inver Grove Heights, MN
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    2018 SW LTX-LE Blue
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    1998 Phazer Mt. Lite
    This just in....



    It looks like the void of Hay Days being cancelled this year is being filled by the new event at Eagle River in addition to this new one in MN.

    This new on in MN really surprises me with all of the current restrictions in place regarding large events but it looks like they've got all of the restrictions covered.

    This is a great site to host an event like this. They hosted the largest Vintage Sled event in the Midwest last winter that was formerly held in Waconia, MN and did a fantastic job.
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  3. OVR4D

    OVR4D TY 4 Stroke Junkie

    Interesting. Based solely on the info provided on the website linked above, it doesn't sound like there will be more than a couple of dealers bringing product (sleds, ATVs, UTVs or side-by-sides). I'm hearing most dealers are having a banner year in light of the pandemic and inventories are at all time lows. My guess is that those dealers attending this show will not have many products to display, nor will there be many new models to see. The rest looks like a gear and aftermarket accessory show. It is what it is I guess, but most concerning for me is the lack of information regarding how attendees will be allowed to take-in the show. I understand the difficulties of making a show like this work under state mandated social distancing guidelines, but the lack of information in this regard (which they say will be provided once you purchase a ticket) makes me think that they are going to route or process attendees through the show instead of allowing them to directly visit the vendors that interest them most. It sounds as though attendees will be limited to 4 hours (after which they must leave the premises?). I don't really like the idea of being run through an event like a rat in a maze, so I'm out ... but I wish them luck all the same.
  4. MrSled

    MrSled Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator VIP Member

    Schofield, WI
    2020 Sidewinder SRX
    I heard its an UP North Sports Expo.... if they dont sell the product no other vendors are allowed.. sounds like a flop to me.

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