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Power Commander for the Viper


RIP-Logan-Dylan-Never forgotten!
Jan 28, 2017
18 Winder LTX 50th
16 SR Viper RTX (red)
02 SX Viper ER (red)
97 SX Vmax 600 (red)
I know a lot of you guys have messed around with Power commanders so I'm looking to get some feed back. Dynojet no longer offers one for the stock Viper platform but Attitude Industries does. Do I need one? Viper with horn air box mod, 3" can and installing the straightline header this off season. Tired of the weak stock headers breaking so going with a better-quality header. Is this machine getting to lean with all the mods listed? Lean doesn't' make power. A lot of you guys had Vipers before the winder platform so I'm leaning (pun intended) on your knowledge with this one.

I had ulmers air box horn and a very free flowing hindle muffler on my 14 Viper for years and my plugs looked fine. There is a thread around here somewhere with pics. The sled is still running great.
I added a power commander on line when I had all those mods. It will have spots in the RPM range that will need or not need fuel and a PCV is the way to fix it.
Thanks MrSled, ordered up a fuel controller, better to error on the safe side. As I said on another thread, "not sure why I'm doing this " with having a tuned Sidewinder but, I just find this sled fun to ride.