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Primary roller bushing

I haven't had any luck with SPI clutch parts........
That’s a very nice way to say it. SPI has been complete garbage from my experience.

Definitely agree with you on the tunes being too rich. I think TD and others make sure to run them plenty safe. It's just my opinion. but the biggest variables are temps, altitude.
I run around at 15°f and others are in the -30f, same tune. I also believe your assessment of being able to run a PM on a non PM tune while in warmer climate.
Probably best to run a cai for us. I just don't want to block the incoming air to my clutches. Not completely digging the cold air thru the hood deal. I wish they would make something cleaner. Like an air duct?!?!

Yeah, I understand. I'll give them the old college try at my proving grounds. No miracles expected here.
I've also purchased new bushings to try and have some factory rollers. Trying to save the factory rollers for when the smoke clears.
Get one of these fugly things from Tommcat.


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